Atlantic Ocean

Antique rare maps of Atlantic Ocean


1819 - A New and Correct Chart of the Atlantic Ocean Drawn from The most authentic Documents, By J.W. Norie Hydrographer, &. 1819. Corrected 1826 and 1830

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Fine Example of a Norie Blueback Chart of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Impressive, rare example of a blueback chart of the southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans, showing the major shipping routes around the Cape of Good Hope. The chart, twice...


1823 - Canary Ids

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Scarce map of the Canary Islands by Fielding Lucas Jr., which appeared in his General Atlas, as well as his A New General Atlas of the West India Islands. Lucas's map is one of the first detailed commercial maps of the Canary Island published in...


1823 - Madeira Ids. (with inset of Naos and Cavillo)

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Scarce map of the Madeira Islands (with large inset map of Naos and Cavillo on Lanzarote Island) by Fielding Lucas Jr., which appeared in his General Atlas, as well as his A New General Atlas of the West India Islands. Lucas's map is one of the first...


1825 - Amer. Sep. No. 19 & 20 [Partie du Groenland and Groenland Orientale]

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Highly detailed pair of charts showing the coastal and inland features of Greenland on a highly detailed scale. Vandermaelens' atlas is a landmark in the history of cartography, being the first atlas of the world published on a uniform scale, with the...


1828 - A New Chart of the Atlantic or Western Ocean Improved by W. Heather. A New Edition Drawn Revised and Corrected by J.W. Norie Hydrographer &c. 1828

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Nice example of William Heather's scarce chart of the Atlantic Ocean, offered here in a "New Edition" by John W. Norie and dated 1828. One of the best large format charts of the Atlantic published in the first half of the 19th Century, Heather's chart...


1834 - Carte De L'Ocean Atlantique Septentrionale (depuis l'Equateur jusqu'au 52eme. degree de Latitude) Redigee Par P. DAussy, Ingenieur Hydrographe en chef de la Marine . . . 1834

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French Naval Chart of the Atlantic Depicting a Storied Naval Career, Including the November 1861 Voyages of the Foudre and the SS Arago – Major Diplomatic Missions at the Outset of the American Civil War Spectacular, heavily annotated chart of the...


1852 - General Chart of the South Atlantic or Ethiopic Sea From the Equator to 65° South Latitude according to the latest Surveys & Observations . . .

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Fine working sea chart of the South Atlantic, showing the parts of South America and Africa in the Southern Hemisphere. Includes insets of the Falklands, Table Bay and St. Helena, along with several profile views.


1855 - Danish Islands in the Northern Atlantic Ocean (1) Iceland ... and (2) Faroe Islands . . .

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Two detailed maps (Iceland and the Faroe Islands) surrounded by decorative vignettes


1868 - Carte de L'Ocean Atlantique Meridional dressee par Robiquet Hydrographe . . .1868

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Scarce French sea chart of the South Atlantic, published by Aime Robiquet. The chart covers most of South America, the southern part of Africa and insets of Sainte Helene, the Island of Trinidad, the Island of Ascencion and the area around Georgetown,...


1944 - World War II in the North Sea Area

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Excellent "NavWar" pictorial map of the North Atlantic and Western European Theaters during World War II. The map is a very effective persuasive piece, which sweeping arcs depicting Allied naval power in the Atlantic combined with its air power over...


1957 - Gronland

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An attractive mid-century map of Greenland published by the Danish state-run cartographic institute. Greenland is shown in detail, and parts of Iceland, Baffin Island, and Svalbard are also shown. A legend is included, and the insignia of the...