1642. Americae Nova Tabula

  • Americae Nova Tabula

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Americae Nova Tabula

Antique Map of America From The Golden Age of Dutch Cartography

Willem Blaeu's famous antique map of the Americas.

Blaeu's map of America is one of the most sought after maps of America from the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography, blending contemporary geographical knowledge and a rich decorative image. Blaeu's maps set the standard for the quality of the engraving, paper and color, as well as a fine depiction of contemporary geographical knowledge.

This map illustrates excellent detail throughout, including a classical rendition of the West Coast of America (which did not follow the California as an Island myth) and dozens of place names along the East Coast. Nine decorative views of important American Cities and Harbors across the top and 10 fine miniatures of Native Americans of various regions along the side panels. The map is also embellished with eight sailing ships, four sea monsters and vignettes in the interior of the continent showing Indian life. Goss states "this magnificent map sums up the general European view of the western hemisphere in the early seventeenth century…"

The present map is State 4. Burden identifies 5 states of the map as follows:

  • State 1: No Le Maire Strait. Auct: Guiiljel: Janssonio in cartouche. (1617)
  • State 2: New islands in the South Pacific. Le Maire Strait added. Tierra del Fuego now shown as an island. (1618)
  • State 3: Name revised to Guiljelmo: Blaeuw (1621)
  • State 4: New engraved areas in the sea, most notably in the square above the word "Capricorn" (Tropicus Capricorn), to the left of the sailing ship. (1642)
  • State 5: Engraved areas extended in state 5 now have a rough cross-hatching and lack the wavy quality of earlier states. (1645)
Burden 189; Goss 26; Tooley, America, pp. 296-97.

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14652x11197 px
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Willem Janszoon Blaeu.

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