1796. Carey's General Atlas

  • Carey's General Atlas
  • Carey's General Atlas
  • Carey's General Atlas
  • Carey's General Atlas

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Carey's General Atlas

First Edition of the Second World Atlas Published in America.

A landmark atlas from the American school of mapmaking. Carey's General Atlas is the second edition of Carey's 1795 General Atlas For Carey's Edition Of Guthrie's Geography, which was the first world atlas published in the United States. These two atlases were preceded by other chart books and atlases of more localized subjects (including the 1795 Carey American Atlas), however, they represent the first comprehensive atlases of the world published in the United States.


Like many other examples of the Carey General Atlas, this example lacks the larger folding map of the United States (see, for instance, the Siebert copy, sold 1999, lacking the U.S. map). As Rumsey (2862) notes, Carey's General Atlas For Carey's Edition Of Guthrie's Geography improved - published the previous year - calls of the United States map that in fact never appears in that book. Therefore it is possible that examples of the 1796 General Atlas were also published before the United States map was ready to be included. Then again, that map was the most imposing map in the book and was probably often pilfered.

The following maps are present in this example:

  • “Map of the world,”
  • “Chart of do.,”
  • “Europe,”
  • “Sweden, Denmark, and Norway,”
  • "Russia,”
  • “Scotland,”
  • “England and Wales,”
  • “Ireland,”
  • “United Provinces,”
  • “Austrian, French, and Dutch Netherlands,”
  • “Germany,”
  • “France,”
  • “Seat of war in do.,”
  • “Hungary and Turkey in Europe,”
  • “Spain and Portugal,”
  • “Italy,”
  • “Switzerland,”
  • “Poland,”
  • “Asia,”
  • “China,”
  • “Hindostan,”
  • “Africa,”
  • “British settlements in America,”
  • “Vermont,”
  • “New-Hampshire,”
  • “Province of Maine,”
  • “Massachusetts,”
  • “Rhode-Island,”
  • “Connecticut,”
  • “New-York,”
  • “New-Jersey,”
  • “Pennsylvania,”
  • “Delaware,”
  • “Maryland,”
  • “Virginia,”
  • “North-Carolina,”
  • “South-Carolina,”
  • “Georgia,”
  • “Kentucky,”
  • “Tennassee,”
  • “South America,”
  • “West-Indies,”
  • “Countries round the north pole,”
  • “Captain Cook’s discoveries.”
  • Phillips 683

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    Item information:

    Year of creation:
    7460x5960 px
    Number of pages:
    Mathew Carey.

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