1904. Carte de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise

  • Carte de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Carte de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise

Detailed pictorial map of the Pic, published in Paris.

The map is surrounded by vast amounts of pictorial and textual information, including:

  • The time difference between Port Arthur and Paris (about 8 hours)
  • Portraits of Russian leaders across the top, including Czar Nicolas II
  • Portraits of Japanese leaders across the bottom, including Mutsuhito
  • Inset maps showing Formosa and China on the left and Japan on the right
  • Diagrams of Russian ships at the left
  • Illustrations of Russian troops on the left
  • Diagrams of Japanese ships at the left
  • Illustrations of Japanese troops on the left

An overview of facts about the combatants (Russia, Japan, Korea) regions (Manchuria and Transiberia) and the neutral powers (France, England, Germany, Italy, Holland, US).

The map is extremely rare. We find no surviving examples.

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19955x14777 px
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