1575. Ingilterra et Scotia

  • Ingilterra et Scotia

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Ingilterra et Scotia

One of the Earliest Modern Maps of England, Wales & Scotland

Nice example of Camocio's finely engraved map of England, Wales & Scotland, published in Venice.

The map is derived from George Lily. Lily's map is generally considered to be the earliest printed map of the British Isles. It was engraved on two plates and published in Rome in 1546. The map was pirated on several occasions in Italy; and Lily and Pole appear to have carried the plates back to England with them, as they were reworked by the engraver Thomas Geminus for a London edition published in 1555.

The map is quite rare on the market. This is the first example we have offered for sale.

Shirley (British Isles) 90

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Year of creation:
4815x5857 px
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Giovanni Francesco Camocio.

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