1846. Kattegattet

  • Kattegattet

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Extremely rare first edition of this separately issued Danish sea chart of Kattegat Sea, published by the Kongelige Danske Sokort Archiv (Royal Danish Nautical Chart Archive).

Includes a large inset of the area around the Danish town of Frederikshavn.

While first issued in 1846, OCLC locates no examples of the first edition and only 2 examples of the revised 1860 edition of the chart.

The Kongelige Danske Sokort Archiv was founded by Captain Lieutenant Poul de Løwenørn, with the assistance of the Danish Monarchy, in 1784. At the time of its founding, it became the second nationally sponsored publisher of sea charts, preceded only by the French Depot de la Marine. Løwenørn became the first director of the Archive.

The Danish Admirality initially requested Løwenørn to collect all existing nautical charts and navigational details in the country, for both Danish and international waters. He was to develop accurate and reliable charts for both the Navy and Merchant Marine. Løwenørn also took the initiative to establish a Lighthouse Authority, a Buoy Authority and a Pilot Authority as well as improve the country's harbors. Within a few years, the Archive also began publishing its own nautical charts.

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Year of creation:
5107x7884 px
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Kongelige Danske Søkort-Arkiv.

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