1836. [Map of Great Britain and Ireland] Карта Великобританіи и Ирландіи

  • [Map of Great Britain and Ireland] Карта Великобританіи и Ирландіи

[Map of Great Britain and Ireland] Карта Великобританіи и Ирландіи information:

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 5798x7510 px
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 St. Petersburg

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[Map of Great Britain and Ireland] Карта Великобританіи и Ирландіи

Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836.

The map includes an inset of the Channel Islands.


The map is very scarce. We have been unable to find any other examples in sales databases, libraries and archives, nor in general online searches.

The map comes from the 1836 edition of Всеобщий атлас или собрание карт всего земного шара, изданный для пользы юношества и сверенный с географиею Арсеньева и других Федором Позняковым. Второе издание, исправленное и дополненное 7 картами, выгравированными г. Фроловым. This translates as The universal atlas or collection of maps of the entire globe. Published for the benefit of youth and verified by the geography of Arsenyev and others by Fyodor Poznyakov. Second revised edition with additional 7 maps engraved by g. Frolov. That atlas was first published in 1829 (with an additional run printed in 1833), then for this second edition in 1836, and again in 1843 as the third edition. The second edition is in neither the RSL nor NLR.

Fyodor Poznyakov (1797-1835) was a Russian military topographer and mapmaker. He began his career in 1822. He supervised the 1825 General map of Asian Russia by the latest division into provinces, regions, and coastal administrations [Generalnaya karta Aziatskoy Rossii po noveyshemu razdeleniyu na gubernii, oblasti i primorskie upravleniya].

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Item information:

Year of creation:
5798x7510 px
Number of pages:
St. Petersburg
Fyodor Poznyakov. Konstantin Arsenyev. S.K. Frolov.

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