1944. (Restricted) Shreveport . . . Sectional Aeronautical Chart

  • (Restricted) Shreveport . . . Sectional Aeronautical Chart

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(Restricted) Shreveport . . . Sectional Aeronautical Chart

Restricted World War II Aviation Map

Detailed aeronautical map of the Shreveport, Louisiana region.

The chart is a font of information about civil and military aviation during WWII. It was intended for civil aviators flying by visual navigation and so includes data that would be useful for this purpose.

Topographical information consists of relief and a judicious selection of visual checkpoints used for navigation under visual flight rules. The checkpoints include populated places, roads, and distinct landmarks. The aeronautical information includes visual and radio aids to navigation, airports (aerodromes, both for landplanes and seaplanes), controlled airspace, restricted areas, and obstructions.

Sectional Aeronautical Charts were updated somewhat frequently at this time and are now produced by the FAA.

The military information is probably the most interesting aspect of the chart.

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29762x14784 px
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U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey.

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