1908. (Suffragette March Map) Votes For Women / Hyde Park, Sunday June 21st

  • (Suffragette March Map) Votes For Women / Hyde Park, Sunday June 21st
  • (Suffragette March Map) Votes For Women / Hyde Park, Sunday June 21st

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Separately Published Map of the Largest Suffragette March in the United Kingdom up to That Point.

Rare separately-issued map of the Women's Sunday March of June 21, 1908, in Hyde Park, featuring the portraits of the 20 platform chairs.

The map features the portraits of Emmeline Pankhurst (the organizer of the march) and two of her daughters, Christabel and Adela.

A rare cartographic relic of the women's suffrage movement.

Women's Sunday March

Women's Sunday was a suffragette march and rally held in London on 21 June 1908. Organized by Emmeline Pankhurst's Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) to persuade the Liberal government to support votes for women, it is thought to have been the largest demonstration that had been held at the time in the UK.

Up to half a million women and men from all over the country attended the event, while 30,000 women marched to Hyde Park in seven processions carrying 700 banners, including one that read "Not chivalry but justice".

On the verso the title is given: "Official Programme and Souvenir of the Womens' Sunday Great March to Hyde Park."

The 20 Platform speakers' portraits are as follows:

  • Miss Brackenbury
  • Miss Cawthorpe
  • Miss A Kenney
  • Mrs P. Lawrence
  • Mrs Pankhurst
  • Mrs Massy
  • Mrs Martel
  • Miss C. Pankhurst
  • M. V. Brackenbury
  • A. Pankhurst
  • Nelly Kenney
  • Miss Naylor
  • Mrs Drumond
  • Miss Barrett
  • Miss Brocker
  • Miss H. C. Jones
  • Miss Conlan
  • Mrs Baines
  • Miss C. Keevil
  • Miss E. New
  • Van Den Broecke 7.

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    Women's Social and Political Union.

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