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Rare modern map of the Tyrol region, extending from Lago di Garda and Vincenzo in the south to Innsburck, Kitzbuel and Villach in the north, published in Cologne by Johannes Metellus in 1579 in fine original color.

The map is one of the earliest obtainable modern maps published by the so-called Cologne School of mapmakers, which consisted primarily of Flemish and Dutch cartographers fleeing the religious persecution then being experienced in the Low Countries, which were then under the control of Spain.

Itinerarium Orbis Christiani

The present map comes from the extremely rare and early Cologne School atlas Itinerarium Orbis Christiani (also known as Itinerarium Europae Provinciae), which was published circa 1579 to 1588. The atlas, which is known in very few copies, was published anonymously but probably by Frans Hogenberg, with contributions from Johannes Metellus and Michael von Eitzing.

The aforementioned mapmakers, along with Matthias Quad, comprised the core of the Cologne School of cartography, which tried -- mostly unsuccessfully -- to compete with the Low Countries-based map publishing houses at the end of the 16th century. For more on the Cologne School, see: Meurer, Atlantes Colonienses. Die Kolner Schule der Atlas Kartographie 1570-1610.

Johannes Metellus Jean Mattel (called Johannes Matalius Metellus), (Poligny, ca. 1517-1597), was a French jurist who spent much of his early life traveling and building a network of fellow humanists in Italy. Later Metellus moved to Louvain. He made his last home in Cologne, where he became involved in that city's nascent cartographic publishing industry. Metellus's cartographic publishing career began around 1579, when he is thought to have contributed to the Itinerarium Orbis Christiani. He also contributed a description of Lyon to Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum.

Metellus was a friend to Matthias Quad, whose name is sometimes associated with the posthumous completion of the Metellus atlas of the Americas (it was published in 1598; Metellus is thought to have died in 1597). The cartographer was also in correspondence with Abraham Ortelius. At one point he gave Ortelius assistance collating Ptolemy's Cosmography with manuscripts in the Vatican. This was evidently needed for the completion of Ortelius's Parergon Theatri. (See, H. P. Kraus, Monumenta Cartographica, items 45 and 52).


Only a few examples of this atlas are known to survive. Maps from this work are extremely rare on the market.

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1580x1208 px
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Johannes Matalius Metellus.

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