1849. View of Washington City and Georgetown

  • View of Washington City and Georgetown

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 Washington, D.C.

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View of Washington City and Georgetown

Rare birdseye view of Washington, DC, published and sold by Casimir Bohn, in Washington, in 1849, and lithographed by Edward Weber & Co.

The view shows the City from the Portico of the Capitol Building, with vignettes of the following surrounding:

  • President's House
  • Post Office
  • Smithsonian Institute
  • Treasury Building
  • Patent Office
  • West View of the Capitol
  • East View of the Capitol
  • City Hall
  • Greenough's Statue of George Washington
  • Pension Office
  • Jackson Hall
  • Navy Yard
  • Georgetown College
  • Aqueduct Near Georgetown
  • Monastery
  • Arsenal
  • Washington Monument
  • Observatory
  • Jackson Monument
  • War Department

Pennsylvania Avenue is shown in the center, proceeding away from the view, with the Treasury Department at the far end of the Street.

The view probably shows the city as it looked in 1848, although the Washington Monument was not yet built and its depiction, including a base that was never constructed, is based on the architect's design. The monument is shown between the Observatory and the Smithsonian Institution.

One of the best early views of Washington, DC.

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Item information:

Year of creation:
2496x1814 px
Number of pages:
Washington, D.C.
Casimir Bohn.

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