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1482 - [France] Tertia Europa Tabula

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The First Map of France Printed North of the Alps Based upon the work of the 2nd Century Alexandrian polymath Claudius Ptolemy, this map is perhaps the single most important and decorative map of the region printed in the 15th Century. The map...


1482 - Tabula Decima De Asia

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The First Printed Map Based Upon the Projections of the Ancient Greek Geographer, Marinus of Tyre Nice example of Francesco Berlingheri's map Cyprus, the Holy Land and Middle East, from his Septe Giornate della Geographia di Francesco Berlinghieri...


1482 - [Arabian Peninsula] [Sexta Asie Tabula, Arabia Felix.]

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True First State of the Earliest Woodblock Printed Map of the Arabian Peninsula Stunning map of the Arabian Peninsula, the first woodblock printed depiction of the region, in spectacular contemporary hand-coloring. The map is from the rare 1482 Ulm...