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1522 - Diefert Situs Orbis Hydrographorum ab eo quem Ptolomeus Posuit

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One of the Earliest Obtainable World Maps To Show America Rare early edition of Laurent Fries edition of Martin Waldseemuller's "Admiral's Map" of the World, from the 1525 edition of Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographicae ...., first published in...


1522 - Typus orbis descriptione Ptolemaei

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Decorative Map of the World Based Upon Claudius Ptolemy Finely colored example of this early 16th-century map of the World according to the ancients, surrounded by 12 wind heads representing the various wind directions. The map is drawn from the...


1522 - Tabula nova utriusque Indiae

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Nice full color example of the 1541 edition of Fries' map of India and Southeast Asia, focusing on Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean. Fries' map is a reduced size version of Waldeseemuller's 1513 map, the earliest modern map to...


1522 - [Untited Modern Map of Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, etc.]

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One of the earliest obtainable modern maps of Cyprus, Syria, the Holy Land, and contiguous regions, from the 1525 edition of Fries edition of Ptolemy's Geographia. Fries map of Cyprus, Syria, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Arabia Petraea, Armenia Minor and...


1522 - Ta. Superioris Indiae et Tartariae Maioris (Modern Map of China, Japan, etc. -- Title on Verso)

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Finely colored example of Lorenz Fries map of China, Japan and adjoining regions, the first printed map to focus on China. Fries map of eastern Asia is the first European map to focus on the region of Japan and China alone . This map derives from...


1522 - [Southeast Asia] Tabu. Mo. In. Orig. (First Modern Map of Southeast Asia -- Old Color)

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Old color gold heightened (on verso) example of the rare 1522 edition of the first printed map to focus on the Southeast Asian islands and indeed, the only map to focus on this area in the first half of the 16th Century. Fries map was a significant...


1522 - [Armenia and Caspian Region] Tabula III Asiae

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Marvelous map of Armenia and the regions between the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and the Caucus Mountains. Lorenz (Laurent) Fries was born in Alsace in about 1490. He studied medicine, apparently spending time at the universities of Pavia, Piacenza,...


1522 - [South Africa] Tab. Mo.. Secundae Partis Aphricae

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Second Modern Map of Southern Africa—Rare, Early Map From an Early Edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia Fine map of Southern Africa, one of the earliest obtainable printed maps of the area, from Lorenz Fries’ 1525 edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia....