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1550 - Ptolemaisch General Tafel / begreiffende die halde Kugel der Welt

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Nice full color example of Munster's first ancient map of the World, based upon the writings of Ptolemy. At the advent of printing in the 15th Century, the geographical works of Ptolemy were at their highpoint. Virtually all of the printed maps in the...


1550 - Il Cuscho Citta Principale Della Provincia Del Peru

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Early decorative birdseye view of Cusco, from a German edition of Munster's Cosmographia, one of the most influential geographical works of the 16th Century. One of the earliest obtainable views of the New World. Munster's Geographia was a...


1550 - Desciptione de la Moscovia per Giacomo Gastaldo piamo[n]tese, Cosmographo in Venetia MDL

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Extremely rare map of Russia, engraved by Gastaldi, based upon the work of Baron Sigismund von Herberstein. Herberstein, a diplomat from the Austrian Imperial Court, was sent to Russia twice between 1516-26, during which time he gathered enough...


1550 - Gemeine Beschreibung Aller Mitnachtigen Lander/ Schweden / Gothen / Norwegien / Dennmark &c.

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Second edition of Munster's map of Scandinavia, first issued in 1545 to replace the very rare first edition of the map, which appeared in only the first three editions of Munster's Geographia. Munster's first map relied upon the cartography of Jacob...


1550 - Hispanicae Regionis Nova Descriptio [Spain & Portugal]

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The first state of Munster's map of the Iberian Peninsula, one of the earliest obtainable maps of Spain and Portugal. The map shows cities, rivers, mountain ranges, the Balleric Islands and other details. The map is unchanged from the 1540 edition....


1550 - (Portrait: Andre Thevet) Andreae suit haec Theuti imago, Toto qui impiger ambulavit orbe, Europamque, Asian, Africamque, partes, In quas Scinditur orbis unversis, Lustrvit, simul et platas remotas, Antarcto positas polo sub aspor, Ignotasque dedit Vider

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Rare early portrait of Andre Thevet, showing Thevet measuring a globe. André de Thevet (1516 - November 23, 1590) was a French Franciscan priest, explorer, cosmographer and writer who travelled to Brazil in the 16th century. He described the country,...