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1562 - La Descrittione Di Tutto Il Peru

  • $14.99

Forlani’s Map of South America—The Only Lafreri School Map of The Continent Rare map of South America by Paolo Forlani. It was the first map of South America to show the interior in considerable detail and is the only map of the continent produced...


1562 - [Russia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia Latvia and Lithuania].

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A fine wide margined example of the northern sheet of the first edition of Gastaldi's 2-sheet map covering Russia, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, published in Venice in 1562. The present offering is the northern sheet only (of 2) of...


1562 - The description of the holie land and of the places mencioned in the foure Evangelistes

  • $14.99

Rare early map of the Holy Land, one of the earliest printed maps of the Holy Land in English. The map covers the Levant from Gaza north to Sidon. From an English language Bible, the woodblock shows major locations with numerous vignette illustrations...