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1583 - (Sir Francis Drake) Franciscus Draeck Nobilissimus Eques Angliae Ano. Aet. Sue 43.

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Rare contemporary portait of Sir Francis Drake, celebrating his circumnavigation of the World, engraved by Jodocus Hondius during his residency in London and later finished by George Vertue in the early 18th Century. This marvelous engraving is...


1583 - Wie die Burger von Amstelredam der Staten volck Wider auß der Statt treiben

  • $9.99

A dramatic antique engraving by Frans Hogenberg showing the troops of William of Orange battling with the citizens of Amsterdam, 23 November 1577. Captain Herman Helling is shown dead at the center of the fracas. This was an event during the Eighty...


1583 - Dess Durchleuchttichsten Ertzhertzogen Mattheis Q. von den Niderlanden außzug.

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Antique engraving of the departure of Archduke Matthew from the Netherlands, 29 October 1581; Archduke Matthew and entourage are depicted embarking on their ships. This is the 1605 edition, with the plate trimmed at the bottom to remove the text,...


1583 - De Zee Kuste Rontomme Oesel en een deel van Curlandt beginnende va Dagher oort tot Der winded, also hem tlandt daer verthoont, en in Zijn ghedaente is

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Antique map of Saaremaa and the Estonian Coastline. Striking example of the antique sea chart of the Gulf of Riga, along the Latvia-Estonia border. Includes sea monsters, sailing ships, a compass rose, and decorative cartouches, soundings, and...


1583 - [Basque Coast] Die Zee Custen van Biscaijen tuschen Laredo en Sentillana soe hem dat Selue landt all daer vertthoornt enn opdoet . . . 1583

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Striking full color example of Wagenhaer's map of the northwestern coast of Spain, from Lhanes to Laredo, centered on the Santander Region. Includes 2 sea monsters, 2 sailing ships, a compass rose, and 2 decorative cartouche, soundings, and...


1583 - (Cadiz / Andalucia ) Zee Custen van Andaluzien ghemaeckt naet wesen en ghedaente, met zijn Rivieren en Hauenen

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Striking full color example of Wagenhaer's map of the southwestern coast of Spain, including the Bay of Cadiz. Extends inland to Sevilla and south to Cadiz, with northeast at the top of the map. Includes a sea monster, 2 sailing ships, a compass...