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1591 - Floridae Americae Provinciae Recens & exactissima descriptio Auctore Iacobo le Moyne cui cognomen de Morgues, Qui Laudonnierum

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Jacques Le Moyne's Landmark Map of Florida & The Southeast, Based On The Expedition of Laudonniere to Florida in 1564 Jacques Le Moyne's map of Florida and the Southeastern portion of the United States is one of the most important 16th Century...


1591 - [St. Johns River - Florida] Der Franßosen Schiffahrt an den Fluß Maij

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Fine view on the mouth of the F. Maij (St. Johns River) just north of modern day Jacksonville, based upon original watercolor paintings by Jacques Le Moynes de Morgues, an official French artist, who accompanied two important French Expeditions to...


1591 - Ischia, quae olim Aenaria . . . 1590

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Striking old color example of Ortelius' map of Ischia, from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. The map is based on a map engraved by Mario Cartario, in a book about Ischia, written by Guilio Iasolino in 1568.


1591 - Tavola Del'Regno Di Congo

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The Most Important Map of West Africa Published in the Sixteenth Century Fine example of Pigafetta's map of West Africa, published in Rome in 1591 and engraved by Natale Bonifacio. Pigafetta's map of Africa is based on the explorations of Duarte...