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1596 - America

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Rare late edition of Magini's scarce map of the Western Hemisphere, first published in Venice in 1596. The present example appeared in Raphael Savonarola's Universus Terrarum Orbis Scriptorum. The map follows the work of Giovanni Lorenzo d'Anania, who...


1596 - America Sive Novus Orbis Respectu Europaeorum Inferior Globi Terrestris Pars 1596

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With Full Length Portraits of Columbus, Vespucci, Magellan and Pizzaro Striking example of Theodor De Bry's scarce and dramatic map of the New World shown in a sphere and bordered by full-length portraits of Columbus, Vespucci, Magellan and Pizarro....


1596 - Delineatio Omnium Orarum Totius Australis Partis Americae, Dictae Peruvianae, a R. de la Plata, Brasiliam, Pariam, & Castellam . . .

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Rare Contemporary-Colored Example of Linschoten's Map of South America Striking example of this spectacular map of South America, the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf Coast, along with a marvelous treatment of the unknown southern continent. Engraved...


1596 - [World Map -- Thomas Cavendish Portrait] Thomas Candyssh nobilis Anglus aetatis suae XXXII.

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Extremely rare early double hemisphere world map and portrait of the explorer Thomas Cavendish, celebrating his circumnavigation of the World (1586-1588). The portrait is almost certainly from the pair of portraits of Cavendish and Sir Francis Drake,...


1596 - Typus orarum maritimarum Guineae, Manicongo & Angolae ultra Promentorium Bonae spei susq . . .

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Fine Sixteenth-Century Decorative Map of South and West Africa from Linschoten's Influential Itinerario Striking map of South Africa, West Africa and contiguous parts of the Atlantic. This is one of the most richly ornamented maps of the era,...


1596 - A Cidade De Angra. Na Ilha De Iesu Xpoda Tercera Que Esta Em 39 Graos.

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Spectacular birds-eye view of the island of Terceira and the town of Angra. Engraved by Baptista van Deutecum in Amsterdam, for LInschoten's Itinerario. Linschoten's view of Terceira in the Azores is one of the most decorative and recognizable...


1596 - Deliniantur in hac tabula, Orae maritimae Abexiae, freti Mecani: al. Maris Rubri: Arabiae Freti Mecani: al Maris Rubri: Arabiae, Ormi, Persiae, Supra Sindam usque . . .

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Gorgeous 16th-century map of the region centered on the Indian Ocean, from Linschoten's Itinerario. Linschoten's work was a significant advance in the mapping of India and the Middle East. As noted by Tibbetts, the surprising fact about the...


1596 - Prussiae Descriptio ante aliquot annos ab Henrico Zellio edita, ab eoque D. Joanni Clur, Civi Gedanensi dedit

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An Early Map of Prussia Detailed map of the region centered on the southern Baltic Coast, reaching inland to the Bug River. Includes a detailed early coverage of the areas around Dantzig, Konnigsberg and the Lithuanian coastline. East is oriented...


1596 - Moravia

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Fine example of Matthias Quad's map of Moravia. One of the few separate maps of Moravia published in the 16th Century.


1596 - Bohemia

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Fine example of Johan Bussemacher's map of Bohemia, engraved by Henricus Nagel. One of the few separate maps of Bohemia published in the 16th Century.


1596 - Nova Unversae Graeciae adiacentiumque terrarum Descriptio, Auctore Georgia Acacio Enenckel, L Barone Hoheneccio

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Extremely rare 16th Century map of the "New Greek Universe," by George Achatz von Eneneckel. The map extends from Sicliy and Puglia to the western coast of Asia minor, the regions controlled by the Ancient Greeks. This is the first time we have ever...


1596 - Exacta & Accurata Delineatio cum Orarum Maritimarum tum etjam locorum terrestrium quae in Regionibus China, Cauchinchina, Camboja sive Champa, Syao, Malacca, Arracan & Pegu . . .

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Linschoten's Important Regional Map of China and Southeast Asia Splendid, ornate, sixteenth-century map of China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, the Straits of Malacca, Borneo, Java, and Beach, engraved by Henricus Van Langren for...


1596 - (Indian Ritual Scenes)

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Scene of a Temple and Pagoda in India from Linschoten's epic work Itinerario, voyagie, ofte Ship-vaert (Amsterdam, 1596), inarguably the most influential book on Asia of its era. Jan Huygen van Linschoten (c.1563 -1611) was a larger than life figure...


1596 - Insula D. Helenae Sacra Coeli Clementia et Aequabilitate . . .

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Spectacular birds-eye view of the island of Santa Helena, engraved by Baptista van Deutecum in Amsterdam, for Linschoten's Itinerario. Linschoten served 6 years as the bookkeeper for the Archbishop of Goa (1583-89). While in Goa, as a result of his...