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1602 - Lancastriae Comitatus Palattinus, Continens in se Oppida Mercatoria XVI Ecclesiaque Parochiales Tantum XXXVI Sed Illae Valde Populosae, et Quae Maximas Alibi Paroecias Incolarum Multitude Ne Longe Superant: Praeter Plurimas Capellas

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Rare Map of the County of Lancaster, published in London by Peter Stent. Oriented with west at the top. In the early 1600s the Herald and genealogist, William Smith, began compiling maps of each county mainly based on those of Christopher Saxton or...


1602 - Vraye Representation De Lescalade Entreprise Sur Geneve Par Les Savoyards et sal Bell Deliverance L'An 1602 XII De Decembre

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Early 17th Century image of L'Escalade, commemorating the defeat of the siege of Geneva by Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy in December 12, 1602. Around the central engraving, which shows a bird's eye view of the armies around Geneva, are smaller...


1602 - La baye de Isle et Cite de Borneo . . .

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Rare early map of Borneo and neighboring islands, from Olivier Van Noort's Description du Penible Voyage Faict entour de l'Univers ou Globe Terrestre, published by Cornelis Claes in 1602, the first printed account of Van Noort's voyage, which would...