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1606 - Americae Sive Novi Orbis Nova Descriptio [English Edition!]

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The English Edition in Full Original Color! Fine old color example of the rare English language edition of Ortelius' map of America. Offered only in 1606 in an edition of 300 copies, the English edition of this map is highly prized among collectors,...


1606 - America

  • $14.99

Hondius’ Impressive Map of the Americas Featuring Anian and Quiviria Fine old color example of this highly sought-after map of America, engraved by Joducus Hondius the Elder. The map shows the North and South American continents surrounded by...


1606 - [English Edition!] Maris Pacifici quod vulgo Mar del Zud

  • $14.99

Rare English Edition of The First Map of the Pacific Ocean from the First Modern Atlas Fine example of the English Edition of Ortelius' “Maris Pacifici”, the first stand-alone map of the Pacific ever printed. It was featured in Theatrum Orbis...


1606 - Eygentliche Abbildung wie ettlich Englische Edelleut einen Raht schliessen den König sampt dem gantzen Parlament mit Pulfer zuvertilgen (with) Thomas Percius Nobilis Anglus Conspirationis Ao. MDCV Initiae Priceps

  • $9.99

Rare Pair of Broadsides Illustrating The Gunpowder Plot, engraved by Crispin Van Passe. Top Image Eygentliche Abbildung wie ettlich Englische Edelleut einen Raht schliessen den König sampt dem gantzen Parlament mit Pulfer zuvertilgen Above, the...


1606 - Theatrum orbis terrarum... The Theatre of the Whole World

  • $14.99

The First and Only English Edition of Ortelius's Magnum Opus. A Fine, Tall Example with Dark Impressions of this Extremely Rare Atlas. The First English-Language Folio Atlas of the World. The 1606 edition of Ortelius's Theatrum is the both the most...


1606 - Hispaniae Novae Nova Descriptio

  • $14.99

Mercator-Hondius Map of Mexico, a Foundational Map of New Spain Attractive map of Mexico from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Sive Cosmographicae. This map and Ortelius' map of 1579 were foundational maps for all regional maps of Mexico to follow. The...


1606 - [English Edition!] Angliae et Hiberniae Accurata Descriptio Veteribus et Recentioribus Nominbus Illustratus Et Ad D. Guilel. Camden Britaniam Accomodata . . .

  • $14.99

English Edition of Vrients Map of the British Isles Old color example of Vrients map of the British Isles, which appeared first appeared in the 1606 (English) edition of Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the World Vrients...


1606 - Aeneae Troiani Navigatio Ad Virgilij Sex priores Aeneidos

  • $14.99

On the Trail of Aeneas, the Trojan—Historical Map of the Mediterranean Sea Chronicling the Story of the Aeneid A finely-detailed map of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, published in Ortelius’ Parergon, his historical atlas of the ancient world. The...


1606 - Guineae Nova Descriptio

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Gorgeous map of the West African Coast from Rio Senego (Senegal) to Cape Lopez, just below the equator, and includes Guinea with parts of Benin and Lybia. Detailed inset of St. Thomas. The map reflects the Portuguese exploration and mapping of the...