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1620 - Globus Terrestris a Jodoco hondio de Integro Reuisus & Emendatus Amsterdam.

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One of Two Known Examples. Shows the Lost First Captain John Smith Mapping of Virginia. Exceptionally rare engraved globe gores prepared by Jodocus Hondius II, sometime shortly after the discovery of the Le Maire Strait in 1618. These gores correspond...


1620 - Tartaria

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Nice example of Hondius' map of Tartary, China, Korea and adjacent regions. Shows the Great Wall of China, Corea as an Island, a very early example of the northwest coast of America, naming Cape de Fortuna and the Straits of Anian (overlooked by...


1620 - Fretum Magellani

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Striking map of the Straits of Magellan, with a large decorative compass rose. The map appeared in an early edition of the Mercator Hondius Atlas Minor.


1620 - (Arauco, Chile) Sancto Maria

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Detailed map of the Island of Sancto Maria (Arauco), illustrated as part of the voyages of Joris Van Spielbergen. The island of Arauco in Chile was first sighted by Juan Bautista Pastene, in 1544, during the Spanish exploration of the Chilean...


1620 - Chorographica Tabula Lacus Lemanni Locorumque Circumiacentium Auctore Iac. G. Genevensi

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Finely colored example of Jodocus Hondius' map of the Lake Geneva area, oriented to the southeast. Includes fine detail and decorative embellishment. The extremely rare early editions of this map include 5 portraits at the bottom, which are now...


1620 - Burgundia Ducatus

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Fine map of Burgundy oriented with west at the top, originally published by Maurice Bouguereau and later re-issued by Le Clerc. Mauricij Bogueraldj is the Flemish name utilized by Maurice Bouguereau toward the beginning of his career.


1620 - Carte Du Pais De Retelois

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Rare De laPointe edition of Jean Le Clerc's map of Retelois. Shows the cities of Rethel, Montcornet en Tirache, Beaumont, and Charleville. A credit is given at the bottom to the French surveyor Jean Jubrien Claonnais (1569-1641).


1620 - Description Du Pais De Caux

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Rare map of a portion of Normandy, engraved by Salomon Rogers. We note a copy in the Bibliotheque National de France, which is what we used to date the map. A variant of the map likely first apperaed in Le Clerc's Theatre Geographique du Royaume de...


1620 - Beauvaisis -- Comitatus Belovcium

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Detailed map of the Beauvais region. The map follows the course of the Seine River.


1620 - Accurata Prussiae Descriptio

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Scarce map of Prussia, published by Gerard Mercator in Amsterdam. Covers most of the North of Poland and parts of Kalingrad and Southern Lithuania.


1620 - Stiria

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Detailed map of Stiria, centered on the course of the Dranus River and the Mura River. Decorative cartouche with coat of arms.


1620 - Livonia

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Finely colored example of Mercator's detailed map of the northern Baltic region. Decorative cartouche.


1620 - Karstia, Carniola et Windorum Marchia cum confinys

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Detailed regional map of the Gulf of Venice and Gulf of Trieste regions, including Friuli and Istria. Includes Slovenia, northwestern Croatia and parts of Italy and Austria.


1620 - Il Bellunese con il Feltrino.

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Detailed engraved regional map of Feltrino, the territory around Feltre, published in Bologna. The view was published in the collection of views under the title Italia di Gio. Ant. Magini. Giovanni Antonio Magini was a prolific 16th century Italian...


1620 - Castiliae Veteris et Novae Descriptio. 1606

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Fine example of Jodocus Hondius' map of Castille, first published in Amsterdam in 1606. The map provides a fine view of early 17th Century Castille, centered on Madrid and Toledo. The map is illustrated with decorative catouches and a coat of arms.