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1629 - Caarte vande nieuwe passage bezuijden de Strate Magellani ontdect en deurgeseijlt inden iare 1616. Door Willem Schoten van Hoor

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Fine map illustrating the discovery of the Straits of Le Maire, as discovered in January 1616 by Le Maire and Schouten. This is De Bry's edition of the first printed map to detail the strait, showing the Magellan Strait and, further south, the route...


1629 - Nova Galliae Tabula

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Rare separately published map of France, surrounded by views of French Cities, portraits and local costumes. Rare carte-à-figures map in its 2nd state (of 4) with Cloppenburgh's imprint;. This is the second state of the map of France first published...


1629 - Daniae Regni Typum Potentissimo Invictissimoq D. Christiano, Daniae, Norvegiae, Gotthorum Vandalorum Regi, lubensoffert Ioannes Ianssonius. 1629

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Striking example of the Jansson carte-a-figures map of Denmark, published in Amsterdam. The map includes a portrait of Tycho Brahe bottom center and city views of: Coppenhagen Elsenor Lanskroon Ripen Veraniburgum Oldenborgh Lubeck Hamburg...


1629 - Terra Sancta quae in Sacris Terra Promissionis Olim Palestina . . . 1629

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of the Holy Land. Includes large cartouche, two compass roses, sea monsters and other embellishments. One of the most decorative Holy Land maps of the period. Oriented with west at the top.