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1630 - Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac Hydrographica Tabula Auct. Henr: Hondio. . . . 1630

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One of the Most Famous and Ornately Detailed World Maps of the Seventeenth Century Excellent example of the first state of Henricus Hondius' decorative world map, first issued in the 1630 edition of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas. It includes unique...


1630 - Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula Auctore Joanne Blaeu

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A Supreme Example of the Mapmaker's Art. Fine example of Guillaume Blaeu's classic world map on Mercator's projection, one of the most iconic maps of the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography. One of the finest and most famous world maps to appear in an...


1630 - [World Map on Spanish Coat of Arms] Conclusiones Philosophicae, Medicae, et Metaphysicae

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Unrecorded document, surmounted by a coat of arms including a double hemisphere map of the World, engraved by Jean de Courbes. De Courbes was a French engraver, who is known to have been active in Madrid from 1621 to 1639. The document would seem to...


1630 - Florida et Regiones Vicinae

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The earliest obtainable maps of the Southeastern United States. De Laet's description of America is arguably the finest of the 17th Century. The map was almost certainly engraved by Hessel Gerritsz, based upon the work of Claesz in 1602, and Jacques...


1630 - Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, nova Descriptio

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Rare second state of Cloppenberg's map of the Carolinas and parts of Virginia and Georgia, first issued in the Cloppenburg edition of Jansson's Atlas sive Cosmographie in 1630. The map extends from St. Augustine in the south to just north of...


1630 - America Meridionalis

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Nice example of one of the earliest obtainable decorative maps of the South American continent. The Strait of Magellan is shown, but Tierra Del Fuego is part of the large southern continent. Eastern Brazil is depicted as an island, made insular by a...


1630 - Sud Seite Des Landts Terza del Fuoco, abgezeichn et durch Iohan von Walbeck

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Rare early map of the area around the Straits of Magellan.


1630 - Hanc Tabulam continens Laetam Pharnambuci victoriam, Amplissimis prudentissimis consultissimisque Dominis De Societatis Indiae occidentalis Curatoribus, nec non Fortissimo Victoriosissimoque Domino D. Henrico C. Lonq. Archithalasso in comparabili devote d

  • $14.99

Rare Broadside Map Celebrating The Dutch Capture of The Town of Olinda in Pernambuco by the Dutch West Indies Company in February 1630 Rare separately published map of coast around Olinada in Portuguese held Pernambuco, published shortly after the...


1630 - Accuratissima Brasiliae Tabula Amstelodami Henricus Hondius excudit

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Strikng full color example of Hondius' map of Brazil, oriented with West at the top. Brazil is divided into Capitanias, with excellent coastal detail and a more speculative detail in the interior parts of the map. Includes inset vignettes of...


1630 - La Partie Meridionale du Languedoc

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Unrecorded map of the southern part of Languedoc, based upon Henricus Hondius's map of the same region. Our research of the map turns up no source information. The example in the National Library of France is attributed to Hondius, but this is clearly...


1630 - La Partie Septentrionale du Languedoc

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Unrecorded map of the northern part of Languedoc, based upon Henricus Hondius's map of the same region. Our research of the map turns up on source information. The example in the National Library of France is attributed to Hondius, but this is clearly...


1630 - Carte du Grand Perche et Perche Gouet

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Attractive double-page engraved map of Perche, typifying local French cartography of the early-to-mid 17th century. The map is likely by or after Jean Le Clerc, comprising a later example (Note the removal of the cartouche in the lower left corner,...


1630 - Le Pais de Caux

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Detailed map of the region, which also bears the name of Melchior Tavernier, the Paris mapmaker and bookseller. Covers the region north of the Seine River to the Atlantic Coast. Include Dieppe, Aumale, Neuschastel, Rouen, etc,


1630 - Duche de Bretaigne Dessigne par le Sieur Hard Mareschal des logis du Roy . . .

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Detailed early map of Bretagne, sold in Paris by Melchior Tavernier.


1630 - Perchensis Comitatus La Perche Comte

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Antique engraved map of the Perche region of central northwestern France. This example comes from an English-language edition of the Mercator-Hondius miniature atlas.


1630 - Westphalia Ducatus

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Decorative regional map of Germany. Includes decorative cartouche. From an English Edition of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas. Nice full color example.