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1636 - Nova Anglia Novum Belgium et Virginia

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First State of Jansson's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America, from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia. Jansson based his map upon Johannes De Laet's map of 1630 (created and engraved by Hessel Gerritsz of the Dutch East India Company),...


1636 - Virginia

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Early English Colonial Map of Virginia Rare map of Virginia, engraved by Ralph Hall, for Wye Saltonstall's Historia Mundi. This remarkable map of Virginia is based in part upon John Smith's map of Virginia, embellished with a lively and unique...


1636 - Nova Hispania et Nova Galicia

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Fine old color example of Blaeu's map of Mexico . Gorgeous map of Mexico extending from just north of Mazatlan to Acapulco and from Tehuacan to the Sierra Madres, showing Mexico City, Puebla (Angelorum Civitas), Colima, Campostella, Purificatio and...


1636 - Guiana Sive Amazonum Regio (English Edition!)

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A nice example of Henricus Hondius' map of the coast of South America, between the Orinoco River and the Amazon, centered on Parime Lacus, the rumored home of 'El Dorado'. This attractive map depicts the region of South America, which runs from the...


1636 - Europa (Non-Papal Christians in Europe)

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Rare map of Europe, from Ephraim Pagitt's Christianographie, or the Description . . . of the Christian World, not subject to the Pope, first published in London in 1635. The map shows the 4 groups of Christians in Europe: Protestants Papists...


1636 - Insularum Britannicarum Acurata Delineatio ex Geographicis Conatibus Abraham Ortelii

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Nice example of Jansson's map of the Ancient British Isles. Includes decorative cartouche, sea monstersa and 7 sailing vessels. Engraved by Peter Van Den Keere. This edition includes rhumb lines.


1636 - [Wales] Cambriae Typus Auctore Humfredo Lhuydo . . .

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Second state of this finely engraved map of Wales, with new decorative cartouche. The map is derived from the Welsh cartographer Humphrey Lhuyd's 1568 map, the first modern map of Wales. The map was revised and made slightly smaller in...


1636 - Belgii Sive Germania Inferioris Neder=Teutschlandt

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Gorgeous full color example of Merian's map of the Low Countries. Includes an ornate cartouche, compass rose and 17 coats of arms.


1636 - Territorium Argentoratense [engraved by Petrus Kaerius]

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Striking full color example of Jansson's map of the area around Strassbourg, with a plan of the town, decorative cartouche and two coats of arms. One of the view maps engraved by Petrus Kaerius (Peter Van Den Keere) to be offered by Jansson. French...


1636 - Carte Generale De Toute Les Postes et Traverse de France . . . 1632

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Striking example of Nicholas Berey's rare map of the Postal Routes of France, one of the first printed postal maps of France and one of the earliest European postal maps. This separately issued map, which appeared at about the same time as Tavernier's...


1636 - Gallia. Le Royaume De France. . .

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A striking full-color example of Merian's decorative map of France. The map includes a large cartouche, compass rose, and four coats of arms. The map is extensively and accurately detailed, typical of Merian's maps. Parts of adjoining countries are...


1636 - Ducatus Luneburgensis Adiacentiumqu regionum delineatio Auctore Iohanne Mellingero

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Striking full color example of Jansson's regional map. Extends from Hamburg to Wolfenbuttel, showing the lower Albis River. Bremen, Lunenborg, Nienborg, Brunswig, Magedburg and Oldenburg also appear on the map. Two decorative cartouches.


1636 - Monachium. München.

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A detailed antique town plan of Munich, showing fortified walls, city gates, important public buildings, squares, and more. A key names thirty-one important places in Munich. The coats of arms of the city of Munich and of Bavaria are shown at the top...


1636 - Wratislavia. Bresslaw.

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A detailed antique town plan of Wroclaw, once known as Breslau, in Poland. The map shows fortified walls, city gates, important public buildings, squares, and more. A key names thirty-eight important places in Worclaw. The coats of arms of the city of...


1636 - Polonia

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Fine early map of Poland, published by Henricus Hondius in Amsterdam. Originally issued by Mercator, the map depicts most of present-day Poland and Lithuania (including Vilna) and a the eastern part of Czechia. Among the major cities to appear are...


1636 - Poloniae Nova et Acurata Descriptio

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Striking antique engraved map of Poland and parts of Lithuania, Pomerania, and Prussia, published in Amsterdam by Jan Jansson. The map includes a large decorative cartouche and the Coat of Arms of Poland, with a crowned white eagle on a red field.