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1640 - Fac pedem figat, & terram movebit

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Interesting image of a cherub rotating the earth, from a rare Jesuit emblem book, entitled Imago Prrimi Aaeculi Soc. Iesu a Provincia Flandro-Belgica Ejusdejm . . .


1640 - Societatis Missiones Indicae

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Rare map of the world, showing California as an island from a rare Jesuit emblem book, entitled Imago Prrimi Aaeculi Soc. Iesu a Provincia Flandro-Belgica Ejusdejm . . . representation of the baby Jesus is shown between the two hemisphere Within...


1640 - Angrae Urbis Tercerae Quae Insularum Quas Azores Vocant Maxima et Copioso Grlasti Proventu Ditissa Accurata Cum Arce Delineatio

  • $14.99

Fine birds-eye view of the island of Terceira and the town of Angra, based upon Baptista van Deutecum's view of the Island, which appeared in Linschoten's Itinerario. Linschoten's view of Terceira in the Azores is one of the most decorative and...


1640 - Nova Virginiae Tabula

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The First Dutch Map of Virginia Fine, wide-margined, old color example of Blaeu's map of Virginia, and the Chesapeake region, based upon John Smith's map of Virginia, the most important map of Virginia published in the 17th Century. This is the...


1640 - [Carolinas, Georgia, etc] Virginiae Partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumqus regionum Nova Descriptio

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The Second Earliest Dutch Map of the Carolinas, Southern Virginia & Georgia. Fine old color example of Blaeu's map of the Southeast. This map is based on the 1606 Mercator-Hondius map, but with significant improvements. The map covers an area...


1640 - Tabula Magellanica qua Tierrae del fuego cum celeberrimis fretis a F. Magellano et I. Le Maire detectus novissima et accuratissima descriptio exhibeteur

  • $14.99

Blaeu’s Influential Map of Tierra del Fuego Showing the Important Strait of Le Maire Fine example of Willem Janszoon Blaeu's map of the Straits of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego (Magellanica)—the gateway to the Pacific during the seventeenth and...


1640 - Chili

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The First Large Atlas Map of Chile, from the Dutch Golden Age Nice old color example of Blaeu's map of Chile. This is the first large atlas map of the Spanish colony, although it also shows land controlled by the Mapuche and never conquered by the...


1640 - Eroberung der Vestung Povacon zu Porto Calvo in Brasilia, durch Graff Joh. Mauritz van Nassau General in Brasilien, im Febuario und Mario Anno 1637 . . .

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Bird's-eye view of the Dutch capture of the fort at Porto Calvo in 1637, from Merian's Theatrum Europaeum. This bird's-eye view illustrates the Dutch capture of the fort at Porto Calvo in February and March of 1637. The region was a major area of...


1640 - Novus Brasiliae Typus

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Fine old color example of Blaeu's first map of Brazil, with north oriented to the right. Includes inset map of Baya de todos Santos, elaborate cartouche, 2 compass roses and richly embellished vignettes of native Brazilian life and animals. The...


1640 - Guiana Sive Amazonum Regio

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El Dorado on Lake Parimus -- The Fabled City of Gold Nice hand-colored example of Blaeu's decorative map of the coast between the Orinoco River and the Amazon, centered on Parime Lacus. The map tracks the Amazon River into the interior and, most...


1640 - Paraguay o Prov. De Rio De La Plata cum regionibus adiacentibus Tucuman et Sta. Cruz De la Sierra

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A Decorative Map of Central South America from the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography. A fine example of Blaeu’s atlas map of Paraguay, the Rio de la Plata region, and the surrounding area. The principal focus of this double-page map is the river...


1640 - Peru

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Striking, Early Map of Peru from the Dutch Golden Age Fine old-color example of Blaeu's map of Peru, one of the best early decorative maps of the region. This is one of the two earliest atlas maps to focus on Peru, along with the map by Henricus...


1640 - Venezuela cum parte Australi Novae Andalusiae

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Finely colored example of Blaeu's map of Venezuela and the Northeastern part of South America. Includes 2 decorative cartouches, vignettes of various indigenous animals, a compass rose and rhumb lines, etc.


1640 - Europa Nova Delineatio

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Decorative map of Europe, published by Marian. The map is based upon an earlier map by Willem Blaeu. Includes sailings ships and a sea monster.


1640 - Britannia Prout Divisa fuit Temporibus Anglo-Saxonum, Praesertim Durante Illorum Heptarchia

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Spectacular Blaeu map showing the Saxon Kingdoms of Britain. The map includes two sets of vignettes on either side of the map, which were first incorporated by Speed in his Heptarchy map of 1611, and show historical scenes in Saxon history between 456...


1640 - London

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An Early Birdseye View of London A striking panoramic view of the London before the fire, with a key noting 43 places within the City. The view extends from the King's Palace at Whitehall to the Tower of London and St. Katherine's Church in the east....