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1640 - The Kingdome of Scotland

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Rare separately published map of Scotland, attributed to Thomas Jenner. The map is known to have appeared in Jenner's catalog in 1662, however the few surviving examples of the map are bound into composite atlases from the early 1640s. A later...


1640 - Comitatus Bentheim et Steinfurt….

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Gorgeous regional map of a portion of the Netherlands. The map shows Meppen, Linge, Rhene, Borchstenfort, Scopink, Nienborg, Ochtrup, Horstmar, Seuttorp, Benthem, Northorn, Degnecam, Oldenzeel, Enschede, Ottensen, Stadlon, Vreden, Otmarsch, Nienhus,...


1640 - Germaniae Veteris typus . . .

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A Plethora of Anicent Place Names Striking example Blaeu's map of the Ancient German Empire in Northern Europe, based upon an earlier map by Ortelius. Extends from the Adriatic (Hadriatici Sinus) to the Baltic (Suevicum Mare) and the Vistula and...


1640 - Delflandia, Schielandia, et Insulae trans Mosamillis objacente et sunt Voorna, Overflackea, Goerea, Yselmonda, etc.

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Nice old color example of Blaeu's regional map of Southern Holland. The map shows the estuary of the River Maas and extends from 's-Gravenhage to Gouda in the north and from Ouddorp to Steenbergen in the south. Cities, such as Rotterdam, Delft, and...


1640 - Groninga Dominium . . .

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of Groningen. Includes two large cartouches, coat of arms, four sailing ships, compass rose and rhumb lines.


1640 - Frisia Occientalis . . .

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Blaeu's map of the region extending from Kuynder and Staveren in the south to Dockum and Oosdon in the north. Three cartouches, coat of arms, compass rose and rhumb lines.


1640 - Hollandiae Pars Septentrionalis, Vulgo Westvriesland en T'Noorder Quartier

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Detailed map of the area showing Amsterdam in the South and extending north to Enkhuizen and Medemblik in North Holland. The map shows west at the top.


1640 - Geneve. Genff

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Decorative plan of Geneva, Switzerland and the Rosne River, including the entrance to Lake Geneva, published by Merian. Includes a decorative coat of arms.


1640 - Flandria Gallica Continens Castellanias Insulensem Duacensem Orchianensem Civitatem Dominiumq: Tornacense . . .

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Detailed map of the French part of Flanders, including Douay, Lille, Doornick, Conde, St. Amand. Decorative cartouche.


1640 - Picardia Regio Belgica, Auctore Ioanne Surhonio

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Decorative map of the Picardie region of Northwestern France, with decorative cartouche and coat of arms. The map is centered on Amiens.


1640 - Description Generalle du Pais et Viconte de Turenne, avec les confins des Provinces qui l'avoifinent Par Sr du Bac

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Rare map of the Dordogne River Valley and the Coureze River Valley, published in Paris by Michel Van Lochem. The map is centered on the Turenne Region, Correze Department in the Limonsin region.


1640 - Lorraine vers Septentrionale

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Rare late edition of Francois Bougereau's map of Lorraine region, first published in 1594. The map shows the northern part of Lorraine, based upon an earlier map by Mercator. This edition has the credit of Bougereau (and later imprint of Le Clerc)...


1640 - Carte de Champagne a Paris Ches N. Berey Enlumineur du Roy au bout du pont neuf aux 2 Globes

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Exceedingly rare map of the Champagne region, published by Nicolas Berey in Paris. The map covers a wide swath of central France, with northwest at the the top. Auxerre is shown at the center left of the map, with the Moselle River at the far right...


1640 - Description De La Ville De Bourdeaux Cappitalle De La Guienne Et Grand Port De Mer

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Rare early view of Bordeaux, published in Paris by Jean Boisseau. A fine early panoramic view of the city of Bordeaux from the east, with the Garonne River in the foreground. Bourdeaux's Roman amphitheater, Le Palais Galien, is shown at far right,...


1640 - Comitatus Wertheimici finitimarumque regionum nova et exacta descriptio

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Detailed map of the Wertheim Region, publsiehd in Amsterdam. The map shows Wertheim, Wurtzberg, Carlstadt, Muhlenberg,


1640 - Monasteriensis Episcopatus

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Detailed regional map of the Munster region of Germany, published by Jansson in Amsterdam. The map is centered on Munster and includes Osnabruck, Lingen, Wesel, Coevoerden (Netherlands), and Oldenberg. Includes numerous small coats of arms.