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1640 - Hassia Landgraviatus

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Old color example of Jansson's map of the Hess region in Germany.


1640 - Palatinatus ad Rhenum

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Antique map of Rheinpfalz Finely executed map of southwestern Germany and the Alsace, published by Jansson in Amsterdam. The map is centered on Heidelberg and includes Frankfurt, Mainz, Worms, Manheim, Kaiserslauten, Wiesbaden, Hannau, Offenbach,...


1640 - Oldenburg Comitatus

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Detailed map of Oldenburg, publshed by Willem Blaeu. The map also shows Bremen and the Jade Bight.


1640 - Ducatus Holsatiae Nova Tabula

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Old color example of Blaeu's ap of the Duchy of Holstein. Includes 2 large inset maps. Extends to Hamburg, Lubeck, Kiel, etc.


1640 - Saxonia Superior, Cum Lusatia Et Misnia

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Detailed map of the region of northeastern Germany and Western Poland, showing rivers, towns, woods, mountains, ports, etc. Dresden, Leipzig, Wittenberg, Torgaw, Hall, Glogaw, Crossen, and Meissen shown. Decorative banner cartouche.


1640 - Thuringia Landgraviatus

  • $14.99

Detailed regional map of Thuringia, Germany, with decorative cartouches. Large cities include Erfurd, Gotha, Weimar, Mulhausen, Northausen, Gera and Jena.


1640 - Mansfeldiae Comitatus Descriptio auctore Tilemanno Stella Sig.

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Nice example of Blaeu' regional map of Germany, centered on Mansfield and showing the Salsa River from Bernburgh to Rockendorf, and the Helm River, from Berga to Dorndorff.


1640 - Espiscopatus Hildesiensis Descriptio Novissima

  • $14.99

Nice old color example of Blaeu's map of the Bishopric of Hildesheim, founded by The Holy Roman Emperor Louis the Pious in 815. The map is split vertically by the Leine River. Larger towns on the map include Hildesheim, Hannover, Northeim,...


1640 - Braunswyck & Meydburg cum ceteris adiacentbus

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of the Brunswick and Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany. Larger towns in the region include Magedburg, Halberstadt, and Brunswick.


1640 - Osnabrugensis Episcopatus Auctore Ionane Gigante

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Beautifully colored map of the German Province of Hanover with Osnabrück at center. The large strapwork title cartouche incorporates a fine view of the city with its many steeples dominating the sky-line. At lower right is an inset of Reckenberg....


1640 - Ducatus Luneburgensis Adiacentiumqu regionum delineatio Auctore Iohanne Mellingero

  • $14.99

Striking full color example of Blaeu's regional map of Germany. Extends from Hamburg to Wolfenbuttel, showing the lower Albis River. Bremen, Lunenborg, Nienborg, Brunswig, Magedburg and Oldenburg also appear on the map. Two decorative cartouches.


1640 - Monasteriensis Episcopatus

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Detailed regional map of the Munster region of Germany, published by Blaeu in Amsterdam. The is oriented with west at the top, centered on Munster and includes Osnabruck, Lingen, Wesel, Coevoerden (Netherlands), and Oldenberg. Includes numerous small...


1640 - Paderbornensis Episcopatus Descriptio Nova . . .

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Nice old color example of the Bishoprick of Paderborn, published in Amsterdam by Blaeu. The map is centered on Paderborn and includes multiple coats of arms of the different regions illustrated.


1640 - Westphalia Ducatus

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Fine map of the Duchy of Westphalia, published in Amsterdam by Blaeu. The map is centered on Meschede and includes Arensberg, Beelick, and Brilon.


1640 - Waldeck Comitatus

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Finely colored example of this regional map of the County of Waldeck, published in Amsterdam by Blaeu. The map includes Waldeck and Korbach. Decorative coat of arms.


1640 - Clivia Ducatus et Ravenstein Dominium

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Fine old color example of Blaeu's map the Duchy of Cleve and Dominion of Ravenstein. Shows the course of the Rhine as it flows from Germany toward Gelderland. Larger cities include Emmerick, Wesel and Kleve.