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1640 - (Coppenhagen) Hafnia Metropolis Et Portus Celeberrimus Daniae -- Coppenhagen

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Striking birdseye view of Copenhagen, from Merian's Neuwe Archontologica Cosmica . . ., published in 1638. Shows town, buildings, churches, harbor, bridges, ships, fortifications, etc. Coat of arms below title and key showing 6 major landmarks.


1640 - Corsica

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Good example of Willem Blaeu's map of Corsica, set in a page of text.


1640 - Sicilia Regnum

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A gorgeous example of Blaeu's fine decorative map of Sicily, from his Atlas Novus. Blaeu's map is without doubt one of the most attractive of all 17th Century atlas maps of Sicily, with 2 ornate cartouches, large coat of arms, 4 sailing ships, sea...


1640 - Sicilia Regnum

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Decorative antique engraved map of Sicily, including two large coats of arms, title cartouche, 3 sailing ships, and a sea monster. The map is based upon Willem Blaeu's map of Sicily and was published in Frankfurt in 1640 by Matthias Merian.


1640 - Carte de L'Asie Corrigee et augmentee dessus toutes les aultres cy devant faict Lannee 1640

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Rare map of Asia, likely drawn from an earlier map by Melchior Tavernier. Extremely detailed throughout. Shows the Great wall, oddly projected Korea, Japan and China and elephant just about the source of the Ganges. Writing about the America map from...


1640 - Tartaria sive Magni Chami Imperium

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Nice example of Blaeu's map of China, Tartary and Central Asia, extending from Mongolia and Xanadu to the Caspian and the Volga River, and to Tibet and the Upper Ganges River. The Great Wall of China appears prominently.


1640 - India quae Orientalis dicitur et Insulae Adiacentes

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Blaeu's Detailed Map of Southeast Asia Showing Earliest Dutch Voyages to Encounter Australia Wide margined, old color example of Blaeu's map of Southeast Asia, extending from India to Tibet to Japan to New Guinea. The map is richly embellished and is...


1640 - [Hangchow] Xuntien alias Quinzay

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Scarce early and unusual plan of the Chinese city of Quinzay [Hangchow], based upon the magnificent account given by Venetian Marco Polo in the late 12th Century of the great city of Quinzay. Quinzay is derived from the Chinese name King-sze meaning...


1640 - Ins. Ceilan quae incolis Tenarisin dictur

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Nice example of Hondius's double-page engraved map of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), from the Mercator Hondius Atlas. The map is oriented with east at the top and includes elephants, gazelles and other animals, sailing ships, compass roses and 3 cartouches. A...


1640 - Magni Mogolis Imperium

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of India, based upon William Baffin's map of India, first published in about 1619. The map is bounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and extends inland up the Ganges and Indus Rivers to Tartary and the...


1640 - Moluccae Insulae Celeberrimae

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Finely colored example of Blaeu's important and highly decorative map of the Spice Islands. Wonderful, highly decorative cartouche, which many collectors will recognize as the thematic logo for the Miami International Map Fair. The map features a...


1640 - Persia Sive Sophorum Regnum

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Nice colored example of Jansson's map of Persia. The map extends from the Eastern Mediterranian to Tacalistan and the Indus River and the Dalanguer Mountains and the Cabul Region, with the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf in the South and Caspian and...


1640 - nova descriptio Africae

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Decorative example of Merian's map of Africa. This map is richly embellished with animals, including elephants, monkeys, ostriches, gazelles, lions, cheetahs and camels. In the oceans are numerous sailing ships, sea monsters, flying fish, and a...


1640 - Fezzae et Marocchi Regna Africae Celeberrima . . .

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A striking map of Morocco, showing large fortified towns of Marrakesh, Taradante and Fez, towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. Tanger, Cueta and Rio Rabata also appear. Large decorative cartouche and sailing ships. Ortelius is credited in the title...


1640 - Aethiopia Inferior vel Exterior . . . .

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Attractive map of Southern Africa and part of Madagascar, shortly before the first Dutch settlement in the region. The area shown is from the Congo River basin around the Cape of Good Hope and up the east coast as far as northern present-day...


1640 - Guinea

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Fine Map of the Guinea Coast Included in Blaeu’s Famous Atlas and Including the Famous Apes of Dr. Tulp Detailed map of Guinea, showing the length of a coast important to African-European trade, including the slave trade. Originally drawn by Willem...