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1647 - Rugia Insula ac Ducatus accuratissime descripta ab E. Lubino. . . .

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Nice example of Blaeu's map of Rugia, including large decorative cartouche, compass rose, sailing ships, sea monster and 30 coats of arms.


1647 - Carta particolare dello stretto di Iezo fra l'America e I'Isola Iezo . . . D'America Carta XXXIII

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"The First Printed Sea Chart of the Northwest Coast of North America" (San Francisco to Vancouver Island) Rare early sea chart of the Pacific Northwest, from Sir Robert Dudley's Dell'Arcano del Mare. The chart shows all of the American Pacific coast...


1647 - Carta particolare dello istreto e Mare iscoperto da Hen:o Hudson Ingilese nel 1611 . . .

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The First Sea Chart of Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait Fine example of the first edition of Robert Dudley's chart of Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait, the earliest sea chart of the region and the first printed map to focus on Hudson Bay. Dudley's chart is...


1647 - [Barlaeus / Blaeu Maps of the Coast of Brazil] Praefecturae Paranambucae Pars Borealis una cum Praefectura de Itamaraca [and] Praefecturae De Paraiba, et Rio Grande [and] Praefecturae Paranambucae pars Meridionalis

  • $29.99

Fine old color example of the Blaeu-Barleus maps of the Coast of Brazil. The map was drawn after actual surveys by Georg Markgraf, Elias Herckmanns and others, and was among the first maps of Brazil based on non-Portuguese data. The maps are richly...


1647 - Accurata delineatio Nobilissmi toti Europae Fluminis Wolgae olim RHA dictae per Adamum Olearium

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Rare First Edition of The First Great Map of the Volga River Nice example of Olearius' map of the Volga River, first issued in 1647 and engraved by Christian Rothgiesser. Shows the course of the Volga from Nischni Nowgorod to the Caspian. Includes...