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1650 - America Noviter Delineata

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Rare map of America, published by Pierre Mariette in Paris. As noted by Burden, this map falls into the series of maps derived from Hondius's map of America, published in 1618. The map is not recorded in either Tooley's Sequence of Maps of America or...


1650 - Pronostico Perpettuo Di Gioseppe Rosaccio Dottore In Filosofia et Medicina Cavato Da Segni Del SOle della Luna et delle Stele qual Serve Inntutte le Parte Del Mondo

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Rare Astrological Broadside The image shows a series of 12 astrological signs, with a dedication to Francesco Maria Zambeccari, a member of an important noble family in Bologna. Giuseppe Rosaccio was born in Pordenone around 1530. He graduated in...


1650 - [Assortment of Navigational Tools]

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An intriguing collection of various tools used throughout the seventeenth century for the purposes of navigation and astronomy. This work would have originally accompanied a text documenting the twenty or so images here portrayed. Many figures are...


1650 - Mar Di Aethiopia Vulgo Oceanus Aethiopicus

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Striking example of Jansson's sea chart of the South Atlantic, showing the coastlines of South America, Southwestern Africa and the imagined Terra Australis. Tierra del Fuego is separated from the continent and a huge Terra Australis Incognita in the...


1650 - Pascaerte van Nieu Nederlant, Virginies, Nieu Engelant en Nova Francia, van C. of Faire tot C. Forchu

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The First Dutch Sea Chart of The East Coast of North America Rare Dutch Sea Chart, extending from the Outer Banks of the Carolinas to Nova Scotia, first published in about 1650. There has been significant controversy over the dating of this map....


1650 - Pascaerte van West Indien van de Caribes tot aen de Golfo van Mexico

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A highly decorative and important sea chart showing Florida, the Gulf Coast, Caribbean, Central America and the region from south of the mouth of the Delaware River. This fine separately published map was first engraved around 1650, but is based...


1650 - Amerique Septentrionale . . . 1650

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One of the Most Influential American Maps of the 17th Century. Nice old color example of Sanson's landmark map of North America. One of the most influential American maps of the 17th Century Sanson is regarded as the founder of the 'French School' of...


1650 - Mar Del Zur Hispanis Mare Pacificum

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A fine example of Jansson's sea chart of the Pacific, the first chart of the Pacific to show California as an island and the earliest sea chart of the Pacific to appear in a Dutch Atlas. A long chain of islands appears in the South Pacific, which are...


1650 - [Sketch of Río Chacalapa and surrounding hills]

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Cartographic Sketch of Mountainous Region and the Chacalapa River This is a partial sketch showing a stretch of land surrounded by hills on two sides. The Río Chacalapa runs through the sketch diagonally, seemingly connecting to another stream...


1650 - Carte De La Guadeloupe Scituee a 16 Degrez de Lat. Septentrionale

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Nice full color example of the first printed map of the Island of Guadaloupe, shortly after its earliest settlement in 1635. Guadalupe was first visited by Columbus on his second journey to the Americas. He named it for an image in a Spanish monastery...


1650 - Pascaart vant Canaal Tusschen Engelant en Vrancryck, alsmede geheel jerlant en Schotlant . . .

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One of the Earliest Sea Charts of the British Isles. Old color example of Jansson's sea chart of the British Isle. Oriented with east at the top, this is one of the earliest sea charts of the entirety of the British Isles. The beautiful title...


1650 - Haga Comitis Vulgo 's Graven-Hage . . .

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Minor toning from a previous framing. Detailed plan of the Den Haag, published by Johannes Blaeu.


1650 - (Fontainebleau) Nouvelle Description de la Forest Royalle de Fontaine Belleau

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Rare map of the forest of Fontainebleau, published in Paris by Boisseau. The map shows the castle of Fontainebleau in the center of the map, with two small views of Melun and Moret. Text in the bottom right notes: "This map represents the forest of...


1650 - Carte de Bresse

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Rare map of the Bresse Region, published by Nicolas Langlois in Paris. The map shows Lyon and Chambery at the bottom of the map and Lake Geneva at the top right, with Franche-Comte at the top. The map is crossed by the Rhone River in the south.


1650 - Carte du Querci

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Scarce map of Quercy, centered on Cahors on the Lot River. Oriented with east at the top.


1650 - Grundtriss und Entwurff etlicher ohrt der Chur Pfaltz und wie die Spanier nach etliche treffe endtlich gar dar auss gelchlage worde

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A Rare Example of a Forgotten Battle of the Thirty Years' War An antique map showing troop movements near Lautereck in the Palatinate of the Rhine. Text identifies the troops as Spanish and Swedish, and the location and period indicate that this is...