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1651 - Mappe-Monde, ou Carte Generale Du Monde; Dessignee en deux plan-Hemispheres par le Sr. Sanson d'Abbeville, Geographe Ordinaire de la Majeste . . . 1651

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First State of Nicolas Sanson's First Map of the World First state of Sanson's first map of the World, published by the single most important French mapmaker of the 17th Century, whose modernistic approach to cartography would redefine commercial...


1651 - A New and Accurat Map of the World Drawne according to ye truest Descriptions lastest Discoveries & best observations yt have beene made by English or Strangers. 1651.

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John Speed’s Acclaimed World Map Excellent example of Speed’s celebrated double hemisphere world map, highly sought after for its rarity, extraordinary early geographic detail, and striking illustrative ornamentation. It is one of the earliest...


1651 - Belgii Novi Angliae Novae et Partis Virginiae Novissima Delineatio

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A Foundational Map of the Northeastern United States Nice old color example of one of the fundamental prototype maps of America. Jansson's map is the prototype for the famed Jansson-Visscher series and the model for the mapping of the northeast...


1651 - L'Europe Par le Sr Sanson d'Abbeville. . .

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Nicolas Sanson's circa 1651 double-page engraved map of Europe, a super example of the 17th century French School of mapmaking. The aesthetics of the map are characteristic of Sanson; it utilizes attractive typography and a well-engraved cartouche, in...


1651 - A New Mappe Of The Romane Empire . . . 1626

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First Edition of Speed's Map of the Roman Empire Striking example of Speed's map of the Roman Empire. The map focuses on the Mediterranean and the regions dominated by Rome at the height of its empire. Includes views of Rome, Venice, Genua,...


1651 - Grundtriss der Stadt Undt des Schlosses Ripen Anno 1651

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Detailed town plan of Ribe (Ripen) in Denmark, by Johannes Mejer, published in Husum. Ribe is Denmark's oldest city. Established in the early 8th Century AD, the earliest surviving documents naming the city date to 854. When Ansgar the Archbishop of...


1651 - Terra Chanaan Ad Abrahami TEmpora Per Populos XI Item per Toparchias Idumeeae totidem et Stationes XLV ad Mossis Tempora Seu digesta adLibros Genes. Exodi. Levit. Numer et Detueron . . . Auctore Phil. de la Rue . . .

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First edition of Phillipe de la Rue's scarce map of the Holy Land and contiguous regions. The map depicts the Holy Land as it appeared during the time of the Old Testament, based upon the books of Genesis, Exodus. Levitcus, Numbers and Deuteronomy....


1651 - [Celestial Chart of Southern Hemisphere with Horoscope and Astrological Information, Printed in Mirror Image]

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Unrecorded Southern Hemisphere Celestial Chart in Mirror Image -- Including Astrological Models and a Horoscope Model Fine, unrecorded map of the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere, published in Paris by Antoine De Fer. The map includes...