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1654 - Partie Meridionale De L'Inde En deux Presqu'Isles l'une deca et l'autre Gange . . .1654

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Nice example of this important early map of India and Southeast Asia from Pierre Du Val, the main rival to Nicolas Sanson among French mapmakers of the 17th century. First published in 1654 and issued separately, then included in Sanson's Atlas Les...


1654 - Churfurstenthum, und March Brandeburg. Eslectorat et marqsat de Brandebourg divisé en ses principles marches et parties & c... 1654

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Nicolas Sanson's double-page engraved map of Bradenburg, with Berlin at the center. The map was published in Paris in 1654.


1654 - Oost Zee door Arnold Colom . . . [Heightened with Gold!]

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Fine example of this rare sea chart of the Baltic Sea (Oost Zee), by Arnold Colom, from Colom's Zee Atlas Ofte Water-Wereldt. Colom's detailed sea chart of the Baltic Sea from Rügen and Denmark extending towards eastern Finland and Livland, is one of...


1654 - Parte Meridonal Do Reyno De Portugal . . . 1654

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Nice example of Sanson's first map of the southern part of Portugal. Nicolas Sanson (1600-67) was an influential cartographer who is described by many authorities as the founder of the French School of Geography. In his early days he was tutor to Louis...


1654 - Parte Septentrional do Reyno de Portugal... 1654 [with] Partie Meridional do Reyno de Portugal.... 1654

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Nicolas Sanson's 1654 double-page engraved maps of northern and southern Portugal, with a large sailing vessel in the upper left corner.


1654 - Estats de l'Empire du Grand Seigneur des Turqs ou Sultan des Ottomans en Asie, en Afrique, et en Europe . . . 1654

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The Ottoman Empire by Nicolas Sanson. Sanson's map shows the powerful Ottoman Empire of the mid-seventeenth century, extending from Italy to the Straits of Hormuz. There is excellent detail from Italy to the Caspian Sea and the Arabian Peninsula. The...


1654 - Description De La Tartarie tiree en partie de plusiurs Cartes, qui en ont este faictes en parte diverses Relations et de divers Autheurs Arabes . . . 1654 [Korea as an Island]

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Early French map of Tartary, extending from the Caspian to Korey Isle (the Island of Korea). One of the earliest detailed maps of the region published in France. The map was prepared by Pierre Marriete for Sanson's Cartes Generales de Toutes les...


1654 - Les Isles Philippines Molucques et de la Sonde . . . 1654 [Includes Taiwan & Singpore]

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Sanson's Map of the Philippines, &c. Early map of the region bounded by Taiwan in the north, Cambodia, the Straits of Malaca, Sumatra the Northwest Coast of Australia and the Ladrones, centered on the Philippines. One of the earliest maps of the...


1654 - L'Inde deca et dela le Gange, ou est L'Empire du Grand Mogol Et Pays Circonvoisins Tiree de Purchas . . . 1654

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Fine Map of South Asia and the Mughal Empire by Renowned Mapmaker Sanson Detailed map showing a large swath of South Asia by the skilled mapmaker Nicolas Sanson. The map is centered on the portion of Asia north of the Indian subcontinent. It...


1654 - Carte Des Trois Arabies Tiree en Partie de l'Arabe de Nubie, en partie de divers autres Autheurs . . . 1654

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Rare Map of the Arabian Peninsula by Sanson An excellent example of this scarce map of the Arabian Peninsula, referencing the "Trois Arabies" (Three Arabias). This exemplary work by the father of French cartography, Nicolas Sanson, is one of the few...


1654 - [Title Page] Le View Monde ou Geographie Ancienne Par George Hornius

  • $14.99

Scarce title page to Hornius' atlas of the Ancient World, published in Amsterdam by Jansson.