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1656 - Le Canada ou Nouvelle France &c. Ce qui set les plus advance vers le Septenrion est tier de dives Relations des Anglois, Danois &c. . . . 1656

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The First Map to Name Lake Erie—A Landmark Map for the Cartography of the Great Lakes and Canada Fine example of Sanson’s seminal map of Canada and the Great Lakes, one of the most important maps of North America from the period of French...


1656 - Pascaarte van Nieu Nederlandt uytgegeven door Arnold Colom

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The First Sea Chart of the New Netherlands Fine example of Arnold Colom's sea chart of New Netherlands, the Chesapeake, Virginia, etc., first published by Arnold Colom in about 1656. Colom's sea chart is a landmark in the mapping of the region,...


1656 - Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae Nec Non partis Virginiae Tabula multis in locis emendata . . .

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Visscher's Landmark Map of the Northeast -- Early View of New York City Finely colored example of Nicolaes Visscher's important map of the Northeast, with a large inset view of New York City. This is the first map containing the famous inset view of...


1656 - Le Canada ou Nle. France a receuson nom des Francois, le Pais est plein de bois et fort froid . . .

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"[A] Rare Curiosity"-- Burden A little, very rare, gem of a map of eastern Canada and New England, stretching westwards past the Great Lakes. Many places throughout this region are named, and colonial claims are shown. The long title devotes itself to...


1656 - Mexicque, ou Nouvelle Espagne, Nou.lle Gallice, Iucatan &c. et autres Provinces jusques a L'Isthme de Panama . . .1656

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Fine example of Nicolas Sanson's double-page engraved map of Mexico and Central America south to the Gulf of Panama. The map also includes a nice treatment of Southern Florida, including Bahia de Tamap, Bahia De Carlos, B. de Juaon Ponta, Cabo de...


1656 - Le N. Mexiqve appartient a l'Espagne . . .

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"The first map devoted so much to California"-- Burden A little, very rare, gem of a map of California as an Island, stretching eastwards into lands little known. Many places throughout this region are named, and colonial claims are shown. A long...


1656 - Zuyder deel van America uyt gegeven door Arnold Colom

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Fine example of Arnold Colom's rare and highly important sea chart of most of South America, first published circa 1656. Colom's map is one of the earliest obtainable Dutch Sea Charts to show the Sea Coasts of South America and the rarest of the early...


1656 - Terre Ferme ou sont les Governations, ou Gouvernemens de Terre Ferme, Cartagene, Ste. Marthe, Rio de la Hache, Venezuela, Nouvelle Andalusie, Popayan, Nouveau Royme. de Grenade, &c. . . . 1656

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Antique Map of Colombia and Venezuela, etc., Extending To The Famed City of El Dorado Important early map of Columbia and Venezuela, from the most important French map maker of the 17th Century. The map shows the course of the Rio de Paria or...


1656 - Le Pérou et le cours de la rivière Amazone... 1656

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Finely colored example of Sanson's 1656 double-page engraved map of Peru, extending from the Pacific to the mouth of the Amazon River and tracking the Amazon to its sources in the Andes. A massive mythical Lake Parime is shown. The Rio Paraguay o di...


1656 - Le Bresil, dont la Coste est possedee par les portugais et divisee en Quatorz Capitaineries . . . 1656

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Fine old color example of this early regional map of Brazil, extending from the Amazon to the area just South of Rio de Janeiro and extending west to Tapuaguazo and Lago de R. los Xarayes. The map is colored according to the 14 Captaincies of Brazil,...


1656 - Partie de Terre Ferme ou sont Guiane et Caribane. Augmentée et Corrigée suivant les dernières Relations... 1656

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El Dorado Shown on Lake Parime -- Fine Old Color Example Terrific early regional map of the Northeastern part of South America, extending from Trinidad and Margarita Islands in the north to the mouth of the Amazon and Lac Caribes or Parime. The map...


1656 - La Chine Royaume . . . 1656

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First state of Sanson's scarce map of China and Korea, first published in 1656. This important and attractive French map of China is based on an indigenous Chinese map copied by Jesuit, Matteo Ricci, and brought back to Rome in 1590 by his fellow...


1656 - Nova Delineatio Persiae et Confiniorum Veteri longe accuratior edita Anno 1655

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The First Realistic Map of Iran Highly important regional map of the Persian Empire, published by Adam Olearius in 1656.. Olearus' map represents a milestone in the cartographic history of the mapping of Persia and most notably its treatment of the...