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1660 - Nova Africa Descriptio . . . 1660

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Rare first state of this decorative map of Africa, published by Frederick De Wit in Amsterdam. The map includes decorative panels showing birdseye views of Alcair, Alexandria, Alger, Tunis, Tanger and Ceuta across the top and 8 costumed figures along...


1660 - Pascaart vertoonende de zeecusten van Chili, Peru, Hispania Nova, Nova Granada, en California…. [Early New Zealand Inset]

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Fine Golden Age Dutch Chart with the Island of California and an Early Mapping of New Zealand Scarce early sea chart by Doncker, showing the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean, which extends from the island of California to Chile, with noteworthy insets...


1660 - Scenographia Compagis Mundanae Brahea . . .

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Fine example of Cellarius's chart illustrating Tycho Brahe's unique geo-heliocentric model of the universe, first published by Jan Jansson in 1660 and re-issued in 1708 by Schenk & Vallk. In the late 16th century, Tycho Brahe, an important Danish...


1660 - Solis Circa Orbem Terrarum Spiralis Revolutio

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Nice example of Cellarius's chart illustrating the path of the sun's annual rotation around the earth, from the northern tropic to the southern. The band of the zodiac is included, with names and symbols of the various signs of the zodiac, surrounded...


1660 - Scenographia Systematis Mundani Ptolemaici . . .

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Fine example of Cellarius's chart illustrating Claudius Ptolemy's earth-centered model of the universe. In the second century, Claudius Ptolemy, an important Egyptian Astronomer and Geographer, postulated that the Sun and Planets revolved around the...


1660 - Haemisphaerium Stellatum Australe Cum Aequali Sphaerarum Proportione

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Decorative example of this finely executed map of the southwestern sky, illustrating the constellations of the Southwestern Hemisphere superimposed over a southwestern orientation of the Earth, first published by Andreas Cellarius in 1660. The chart...


1660 - Pascaerte van Nova Hispania Peru en Chili . . .

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Rare Golden Age Dutch Sea Chart of the Island of California and Western Pacific Rare Johannes Van Loon sea chart of the Western Pacific. The map appeared in the first edition of Van Loon's Zee Atlas. It derives from Doncker's map of the Western...


1660 - Delineatio Indiae Orientalis quaelumen dabit hisce itinerarijs

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Scarce map of East Asia and the Indian Ocean, extending from Japan and Korea to the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. The map is centered on the Indian Ocean.


1660 - Pascaert van Nieu Nederland, Virginia en Nieu Engelant Nieulycx uytgegeven . . . 1660

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One of the earliest obtainable Sea Charts of the Atlantic Coast of North America. Important early Dutch sea chart of the coast of North America from Trinity Harbor, North Carolina to Cape St. Ann, Massachusetts, from Doncker's Zee-atlas ofte...


1660 - La Floride Par P. Du Val G.O.D.R.

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Rare regional map of Florida, the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States, from Du Val's Le Monde Terrestre. Du Val's map is based upon Sanson's 1657 map. The major difference is the prominence given the Rio del Spiritu Santu (Mississippi River),...


1660 - Mexique ou Nole. Espagne

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Nice example of Du Val's map of New Spain, extending from the American Southwest and Florida to Costa Rica and Panama.


1660 - Situs Terrae Circulis Coelestibus Circundatae . . .

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Striking original hand-color celestial chart, showing a Ptolemaic model of the Universe, with the earth in its relation to the plane of the ecliptic, from the 1708 Valk & Schenk edition of Andreas Cellarius' Harmonia Macrocosmica seu Atlas...


1660 - Brasilia . . .

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Decorative example of Blaeu's second map of Brazil, oriented with west at the top. Includes 2 cartouches, 3 sailing ships, 2 compass roses, rhumb lines, etc.


1660 - Tabula Geographica Locorum ubi habita sunt concilia tam Generalia quam Provincialia, Synodi, &c. . . . 1660

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Finely colored example of Du Val's map of Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Du Val's religious-historical map of Europe extends to include northern Africa and a portion of the Middle East. Locations of general and provincial councils and...


1660 - Nova Europae Descriptio . . .

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Decorative carte-a-figures map of Europe, published by Frederick De Wit. The map includes the cities of Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Seville and Prague across the top, and decorative costumed figures of Europeans at the side borders.


1660 - Europa delineata et recens edita per Nicolaum Visscher

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Fine old color example of Nicolas Visscher's map of Europe. Among the many great Dutch map publishers active in the 17th Century were the Visscher family, begun by Claes Jansz Visscher (1587-1652) and continued by his son Nicolaas (1618-1679),...