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1662 - Italia Nuova di Gio Antonio Magini Novamente Coreta In Venetia Lanno 1662

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Fine example of the title sheet from Giovanni Antonio Magini's 8 sheet wall map of Italy. The map covers the Dalmatian Coastine centered on Ragusa (Dubrovnik). Extends south to Cattaro (Koro) and Budva and north to Spit. Fine large titled and...


1662 - Tarraconensis Episcopatus

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Scare regional map of Spain, which appeared only in the late editions of Blaeu's Atlas Maior. Fine old color example.


1662 - Iutia, olim Cimbrica Chersonesus

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Fine example of Blaeu's map of Jutland, which was issued only in the Atlas Maior.


1662 - Geographiae sacrae ex veteri et novo Testamento desumptae tabula secunda, in qua Terra promissa sive Judaea in suas tribus partesque distincta... MDCLXII

  • $9.99

Nicolas Sanson's decorative and highly detailed 17th-century map of the Holy Land, colored to show the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The map was published by Nicolas Sanson, the Geographer to the King of France, and the most important French mapmaker of...