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1667 - Brasil, waar van de Kustdoor de Portugeezen bezeten, en in veertigien Hoostgebieden verdeelt word . . .

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Antique Map of Brazil from the mid-17th Century Dutch edition of Sanson's important early regional map of Brazil, extending from the Amazon to the area just South of Rio de Janeiro and extending west to Tapuaguazo and Lago de R. los Xarayes. The map...


1667 - Sabaudia Et Burgundiae Comitatus Descriptio

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Striking regional map, centered on Lake Geneva, based upon a map from Abraham Ortelius's Epitome. The map is oriented with East at the top and extends to Basel and Strasbourg in the North, Turin and Grenoble in the south, and Dijon and Lyon in the...


1667 - A Generall Mapp Of The Empire of Germany. With its severall Estates . . .

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A striking dark impression of Richard Blome's scarce map of the German Empire, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England. The map features an elaborate heraldic cartouche and a dedication to Prince Rupert, Count Palatine of...


1667 - Prague

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Fine view of Prague, drawn and engraved by Jean Sauve and possibly copied from either Jollain or de Jonghe. The view depicts the city with its grand hilltop castles and has a key identifying 46 important sites. The title is contained in a ribbon-style...


1667 - Le Danemark Suede et Gotie

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Scarce map of Denmark and Southern Scandinavia, from Briet's Theatre geographique de l'Europe, contenant la division de ses royaumes et provinces.


1667 - Tabula Geodoborica Itincrum a varijs in Cataium susceptiorum rationem exhibens.

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Antique engraved map of Asia, from Persia to China, illustrating various routes of travel across the continent. The map was published in Kircher's China Illustrata in 1667. The sea route from Goa to Macao is depicted. Many overland routes are also...


1667 - Royaume Du Iapon Designe par le Pere Ph. Briet . . .

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Striking early map of Japan and Korea. Briet's map follows the Blancus/Moreira model, and looks very similar to the Christophoros Blancus unpublished map of 1617. The map shows a well-shaped Japan with named provinces, and major cities including Tokyo...


1667 - A General Mapp of the East Indies Comprehending the Estats or Kingdoms of the Great Mogol, the Kingdoms & Estats of Decan, Golconde, Bisnagar, Malabar & in the Peninsula of India with out the Ganges. & the Kingdoms Isles Pegu, Sian, Malacca, Cochinchina

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Old color example of the first state of Richard Blome's scarce map of India and Southeast Asia, the earliest folio sized map of the region to be engraved in England. While Speed's atlas was published prior to Blome, Speed's plates were engraved and...


1667 - Isle D'Auphine, Communement Nommee par les Europeens Madagascar et St. Laurens et Par les Habitans du Pyas Madecase: Dressee Sur les Memoires du Sr. de Flacourt et de Francois Cauche . . . 1667

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Finely engraved map of Madagascar, published by Pierre Mariette. The map was perhaps the finest and most up to date of its time, utilized by contemporary explorers. As noted in The Voyages Made by Sieur Du Bois To The Islands of Dauphine of Madagacar...