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1668 - L'Europe Corigee et augmentee dessus toutes les aultres cy devant faicte A Paris Chez H. Ialliot

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Rare map of Europe, one of the earliest maps to bear the imprint of Alexis Hubert Jaillot. The map also bears the name of Jaillot's predecessor, Nicolas Berey, in the dedicatory cartouche.


1668 - A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World.

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Rare Miniature Speed Atlas of the World. A wonderful miniature John Speed atlas of the world, first issued by William Humble, son of George Humble, in 1646. This edition published by Roger Rea in 1668. The elder Humble was the original publisher of...


1668 - Le Paraguay Tire des Relations les plus Recentes . . . 1668

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Rare map of the region around the Rio de la Plata, which is shown extending north to Lago de los Xarayes. Extends north on the coast to S. Vicente, Conception and Parnaiba, South to C.S. Antonio and Buenos Ayres and west to Chile. One of the most...


1668 - Le Duche de Luxembourg, et Le Comte de Namur . . . 1668

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Scarce map of the Duchy Luxembourg and County of Namur, published in Paris by Pierre Du Val. Includes early manuscript annotation above Thionville, referencing Katenong (Cattenom) and Hunsingen?


1668 - Cours de la Loire et duché d'Anjou. Par le Sr. du Val

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Rare double-page engraved map of the Loire River watershed, focusing on Anjou. Pierre Du Val (1619-83) was born in Abbeville, France. He was the nephew of the well-known geographer and cartographer Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667). After moving to Paris...


1668 - Ελλάs Graecia Sophiani 1668 . . .

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Rare separately issued map of Greece, Asia Minor and Turkey, published in Paris by Jollain. Jollain's map is based upon the Nikolaus Sophianos' map of Greece, first engraved around 1540, which was published by Johannes Oporinus in Basel in 1545, as an...


1668 - Constantinopolis

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Detailed map of Istanbul, which appeared in Sigmund von Birken's Spiegel der Ehren des Höchstlöblichsten . . . published in Nuremberg in 1668. The work is a translation of a rare 16th Century book believed to have been authored by Johann Jakob...


1668 - Figura observat. Cometicar. Ingolstadii factar ad Communicat R.D. P.A. Curtii S. I. . . .

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The Transit of the Great Comet of 1664 Rare celestial map showing both the figural representations of the constellations and the stars of which they are composed, which appeared in Stanislaus Lubienieck's Theatrum Cometicum, one of the great...


1668 - Figura observationum Cometicarum Vienne Austrice factar, ad Communicat. CL. Viri Dni, Ioan Mulleri, in Gynmasi Hamburg . . . .

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Observing The Great Comet of 1664 Rare celestial map showing figural representations of the constellations and the stars of which they are composed. The progress of the Great Comet of 1664 through this area of the sky is demarcated, The transit...