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1677 - A Mapp of the North Pole By John Seller

  • $9.99

Extremely rare miniature map of the North Pole, from Seller's Atlas Maritimus. Both the cartographic detail and embellishments are based upon the Hondius/Jansson map of the North Polar Regions. Includes a coat of arms.


1677 - Le Canada faict par le Sr. de Champlain. ou sont La Nouvelle France, La Nouvelle Angleterre, La Nouvelle Holande, La Nouvelle Suede, La Virginie &c. . . 1677

  • $14.99

Fine example of this highly important map of Canada, the Great Lakes and Northeastern United States, originally engraved for Samuel de Champlain's 1619 Les Voyages. Du Val's Le Canada facit par le Sr. de Champlain . . . is unquestionably one of the...


1677 - L'America Meridionale Nuovamente corretta et accresciuta . . . 1677

  • $14.99

First edition of Rossi's map of South America, published in Rome. The map provides a fine detailed treatment of South America, based upon the work of Nicolas Sanson. The map is engraved by master engraver Giorgio Widman. A later edition was issued...


1677 - Coste de Guayane autrement France Equionoctiale en La Terre-Ferme d'Amerique . . . (with large inset of Isle Cayene)

  • $14.99

Very rare map of the Northeast coastline of South America, from the mouth of the Orinoco River to the mouth of the Amazon River, centered on Galibis, Sapayes and the Isle de Cayene. Shows a number of early place names, rivers, and a single cordillera...


1677 - L'Isole Britanniche ouvero L'Inghilterra Divisa in sette Regni, quattro de Sassoni, e Tre dell Inglesi, et il Principato di Galles. . . 1677

  • $14.99

Striking late 17th Century map of the British Isles, from Rossi's Mercurio Geographico. Engraved by George Widman. Includes an inset map of the Faroe and Shetland Islands.


1677 - Disegno Della Pianta Di Venetia con tutti i Canalli, Rij, Chiese, Ponti, Isolette, division de sestieri. Opera nova et non piu stampata. 1677

  • $14.99

Nice example of one of the most important early plans of Venice. This is the Fourth and final edition of this interesting plan, first published in 1627 by the otherwise unknown publisher Alessandro Badoer. Scolari has retouched the contours and...


1677 - La Spagna . . . 1677 (with Balearic Islands)

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Spain, Portugal and the Balearic Islands, from Rossi's Mercurio Geographico. Remarkable highly detailed map, engraved by Giorgio Widman. Shows tribal regions, towns, rivers, lakes, mountains, islands, bays, rivers. and many other details.


1677 - Regno di Danimarca Diviso nelle Sue due Iutlandiae Cioe Settentrionale in quattro Diocesi et Australe, e il Ducatgo di Sleswick Il Ducato di Holsatia In quattro Contadi Con l'Isole die Zeeland, Fionia et Altre Adiacenti . . . 1677

  • $14.99

Striking map of Denmark and the southernmost part of Sweden, published in Rome by Giovanni Giacomo Rossi. The map is finely engraved, with an elaborate cartouche.


1677 - L'Asia Nuovamente corretta et accresciuta, secondo le relationi piu moderne da Guglielmo Sansone . . . 1677

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First state of Giacomo Rossi's map of Asia, published in Rome. The map provides an excellent depiction of the Philippines and China (revised to based upon Martini). To the north of Japan, the lands and coastal features are still largely unknown and...


1677 - Terra Sancta quae et Terra Chanaan, Terra Promissionis, Terra Hebreorum, Terra Israelitarum, Iudaea, et Paletsina; ex Veteri et Novo Testamento, et aliis Authoribus desupta . . . 1677

  • $9.99

Southern half of Du Val's scarce 2 sheet map of the Holy Land. The map is centered on the Dead Sea and includes a large map showing the 40 years of wandering of the House of Israel through the desert after leaving Egypt.