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1684 - A New Mapp of the World. By John Seller Hydrographer To The King

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Rare miniature world map from Seller's Atlas Maritimus. The map shows California as and island, partial Australian Coastline, a fragment of New Zealand and many other early cartographic myths and evolving regions.


1684 - Terres Australes par P. Du Val . . . 1684

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Antique Map of the Western Indian Ocean -- First State of the Second Printed Map to Show Gonneville's Land Fine early map of the Dutch Discoveries in the New Holland and the Indian Ocean, published in Paris by Pierre Du Val, the second printed map to...


1684 - Pas-Kaart vande Zee Kusten van Niew Nederland anders Genaamt Niew York tusschen Renselaars Hoek en de Staaten Hoek . . .

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Early Appearances of Manhattan Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island. Important early Sea Chart of the region around New York City, Long Island and the Connecticut and southern Massachusetts coastlines, first published by Johannes Van...


1684 - Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae Nec Non Pennsylvaniae et Partis Virginiae Tabula multis in locis emendata . . .

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Danckerts Edition of Visscher's Landmark Map of the Northeast Second state of Justus Danckert's map of New Netherlands, including a view of New Amsterdam, now also called "Nieuw Yorck." A very attractive example from this famous and much sought...


1684 - Pas Kaart Van de Kust van Carolina Tusschen C de Canaveral en C Henry . . .

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Striking full color example of Van Keulen's map of the coastline from Cape Charles and the mouth of the Rappahanock River to Cape Canaveral, with a large inset of the region around Charleston Harbor, extending to C. de S. Romano. Nice early...


1684 - Arciducato d' Austria che compone parte Circulo de Medo: nome diviso . . . 1684

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Scarce Cantelli-Rossi map of Austria, first published by Rossi in 1684. The map tracks the Danube from Passau to Pressburg (Bratislava), and from Moravia in the north to Stiria in the south.


1684 - Tartaria D Europa ouero Piccola Tartaria divisa da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ne Tartari Nogai e del Crim, o di Precop . . . ne Tartari di Budziack, D'Oczackow, e di Dobrus . . .Tartari Circassi . . . need Due Uckraine una abitata da Cosacchi . . .

  • $14.99

Rare map of the Ukraine, Georgia, Moscovy, Southeastern Poland / Lithuania and the Black Sea, by Cantelli da Vignola and published in Rome by Rossi. The map provides one of the most detailed and up to date treatments the area centered on the newly...


1684 - Scandinavia and its Confines in which are The Kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, divided into their Principall Provinces.

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Impressive two-sheet engraved antique map of Scandinavia, published by the 17th century London mapmaker William Berry in 1684. The map covers all of Scandinavia, the Baltic Countries, and a large part of northwestern Russia. In 1684, the dominant...


1684 - Daniel Taverniers Land Charte des Konigreichs Tunquin

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Rare German edition of Daniel Tavernier's map of Indo-China, engraved by Melchior Haffner. The map covers the Gulf of Tonkin from Canton to Vietnam. The interior of the lands and islands are covered in sloping hills and orderly woods. Port cities mark...


1684 - Damascus

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Scarce View of Damascus Detailed birdseye view of Damascus, published in Augsburg by Jakob Koppmayr. A fine dark impression.


1684 - (Ghanaian Gold Coast) Pas-caert vande Goud Cust in Guinea van C. tres Puntas tot Acara, daer mede in verthoont word, alle binnens lands Proventien, wat aldaer voor Coopmanschappen verhandelt wort, als mede de zeden en manieren der Inwonders. Alles by de S

  • $14.99

Detailed sea chart of a portion of the coast of west Africa, covering the Ghanaian Gold Coast, published by Johannes Van Keulen in Amsterdam. The detail in the interior is spotty at best. The allegorical cartouche is suggestive of the English trading...


1684 - A Mapp of the South Pole. By J. Seller

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A 17th Century English South Polar Rarity Rare miniature map of the South Polar region, from Seller's Atlas Maritimus. Both the cartographic detail and embellishments are based upon the Hondius/Jansson map of the South Polar regions.