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1693 - To the Rt. Honorable William, Ele of Derby Lord of ye Isle of Man &c. This Map is humbly Dedicated and Presented by Capt. G. Collins.

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Fine large sea chart of the Isle of Man, publsihed by Grenville Collins. The chart is oriented with west at the top and includes some interior and topographical details. The map is divided by Parishes and includes a fine view of Peel Castle at the...


1693 - Carte Nouvelle des Costes D'Angleterre depuis la Rivieree de la Tamise, jusques a Portland . . . 1693

  • $9.99

Nice old color example of Romain De Hooghe's regional chart of the southern coast of England, including the Thames and London. Includes large views of Portsmouth and Chatham. The chart is richly embellished with rhumblines, compass roses, sailing...


1693 - Angliae Regnum Tam In Septem Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna...

  • $14.99

Nicolaes Visscher II's highly decorative map of England and Wales, with elaborate cartouche. Very nice example in old outline hand color. Includes a dedication to William III just below the title.


1693 - Carte Maritime de L'Angleterre depuis Sorlingues jusques a Portland ou l'on voit les costes et Ports . . . . 1693

  • $21.99

Striking large format map of the southwestern part of England, including Cornwall, Devon and part of Somerset, engraved by Romain De Hooge. The map includes a large view of Portland and two smaller views in the top left corner, an inset of the islands...


1693 - Poland

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Rare early English map of Poland. Maximum Poland, extending from the Baltic to the Ukraine and beyond the Dniepr River.


1693 - Nouvelle Carte Generale de la Mer Mediterranee . . .

  • $14.99

A rare separately issued map of the Western Mediterranean, published in Marseille by François Berthelot. This important early chart of the Western Mediterranean is one of a series of 4 charts published by Berthelot covering the Mediterranean and...


1693 - Il Lazio Con le sue piu Cospicue Strade Antiche, e Moderne e principali Casali, e Teunte di esso Descriptio da Giacomo Filippoi Ameti Romano . . . 1693

  • $14.99

Nice example of Rossi's 4 sheet map of the Lazio region, including Rome, first published in 1693. The map shows the Lazio territory from Rome to Circeo, with incredible detail. Drawn and engraved by Giacomo Filippo Ameti. The cartouche in the upper...


1693 - Parte Seconda Terresta del Latio, descritta da Giacomo Ameti, data in Luce da Domenico de Rossi l'Anno 1693

  • $14.99

Scarce map of a portion of part of the Kingdom of Napoli, centered on the Gargliano River. The map is a tremendous example of the fine topograpical style of Rossi's maps, elegantly tracing rivers through steep defined mountain valleys. Includes a key...


1693 - Maltha

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Rare 17th Century English map of Malta, including the neighboring Islands. Many place names. This map first appeared in Modern's rare Atlas Terestris, first published in 1687.


1693 - [Title Page] Nouvelle Introduction a la Geographie pour l'usage de Monseigneur Le Dauphin. . . .M. DC. LXXXXIII.

  • $14.99

Title page from Jaillot's monumental work. Includes coat of arms and other embellishments.