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1697 - Hodiernae Belgicae sive Germaniae Inferioris Tabula

  • $14.99

Striking and decorative regional map of the Low Countries, including a very elaborate cartouche and title vignette.


1697 - Italiae Gallicae sive Galliae Cispalinae . . .

  • $9.99

Striking and decorative map of Northern Italy and the Alps, embellished by a decorative cartouche.


1697 - Hanc Ger[maniae et P]oloniae de[s ... ]em Serenissim [P]otentissimi Poloniae Regi August offert et inscribit Petrus Schenck

  • $21.99

With Portrait of the King of Poland and Lithuania Large engraved antique map of Poland, Lithuania and the Holy Roman Empire, by one of Amsterdam's most important mapmakers, Peter Schenk. The map includes a portrait of King Augustus II the Strong,...


1697 - Vindeliciae et Norici Conterminarum op terrarum antiqua descriptio

  • $9.99

Decorative 18th Century Map of the region north of the Adriatic, from Cluver's Introductionis en Universum Geographicus…., one of the most prolific 17th and 18th Century Geography books.


1697 - Veteris et Nova Pannoniae et Illyrici Descriptio

  • $9.99

Decorative map of the region north of the Adriatic Sea, with a decorative cartouche.


1697 - Repraesentatio Op et Expugnationis nuper exltructi Oppidi et Munimenti Fridericiudde abs Locumtenen te Regio Illust et Exell dn Comiti Carolo Gustavo Wrangelio

  • $9.99

Highly detailed view of the Swedish invasion of Fredericia, by King Carl X Gustav, in August, 1657. After the devastation caused by the Thirty Years' War in a largely unfortified Jutland, King Christian IV realized the necessity of building a strong...


1697 - Siciliae Antiquae Descriptio

  • $14.99

Striking map of Sicily, with a large decorative cartouche. Mt. Aetna can be seen in the midst of a volcanic eruption.


1697 - Imperii Sinarum Nova Descriptio

  • $14.99

Detailed map of China from Cluver's Introductionis in Universam Geographicam. Shows the Great Wall, Macao, Formosa, etc.


1697 - Indiae Orientalis et Insularum Adiacentum Antiqua et Nova Descriptio

  • $14.99

Decorative map of Southeast Asia, China, Philippines and India, which was included in Cluverius' Introductionis in Universam Geographiam, tam Veterem quam Novam. Shows an oddly positioned New Guinea ("Pars Nova Guinea") and also China, India, Malacca,...


1697 - [Pakistan Afghanistan & Western India] Tab: IX Asia Continens Ariam, Paropanisum, Drangianam, Arachosiam, et Gedrosiam. . . .

  • $14.99

A striking Ptolemaic map of Central Asia, centered on the Indus River. The map extends from the Gujarat region in the east to west of Karchi, the north to the mountains. Mercator originally published this map in his 1578 edition of Ptolemy's...