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1702 - L'Amerique Septentrionale & Meridionale divisee en ses principales parties . . .

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Scarce map of America, published in Amsterdam by Gerard Valk. Valk's map of California shows many of the most fascinating myths of the 17th Century. California is shown as an island on the so-called "second Sanson Model." A massive land bridge extends...


1702 - Repraesentatio Totius Asiae Cuius Regiones Paucae Fide Catholica

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A striking and scarce map of Asia by Heinrich Scherer. The unshaded areas show where Catholocism has spread in Asia (China, Philippines, the western coast of India). Christ appears in the lower-left corner with stereotyped Asians praying to him.


1702 - Hemisphere Occidental Du Globe Terrestre contenant L'Amerique Septentle. et L'Amerique Mle. et Ptie. des Terres Arctiques et Antarctiques Subdivisees en leurs Regions

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Rare map of the Western Hemisphere, from a very rare work by Pierre Moullart Sanson, the grandson of Nicolas Sanson the Elder. The map is part of a series of maps intended to depict the various ways of depicting the Globe.


1702 - Typus Totius Orbis Terraquei Geographice Delineatus, Et Ad Usum Globo Materiali Superinducendus

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Dynamic Set of Globe Gores Showing California as an Island Fine example of Heinrich Scherer’s globe gores, included in his eight-volume atlas of 1703. The world map includes California as an island and a hypothetical depiction of Australia. The...


1702 - A Generall Chart from England to Cape Bona Espranca With the Coast of Brasile Sold by Willm. Mount and Thos. Page on Tower Hill London.

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Fine sea chart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, first published in London by John Thornton. The general map from Thornton's English Pilot The Third Book, concentrating on oriental navigation, showing the first half of the route to the Far East. The...


1702 - Seat of War in the West-Indies, or the Islands of America in the North Sea; Together with the adjacent Dominions; Explaining what belongs to Spain, England, France, Holland &c. As also the severall tracts made by the Gallions and flota from place to place

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Striking old color example of this rare separately issued map of the Theater of War during the War of Jenkins Ear, published in London circa 1702, by Robert Morden & Herman Moll. A separately published and very rare English produced map of the War...


1702 - Cartagene Avec Ses Ports, et Fortresses (with) Baye et Ville De Havana ou S. Christoval (with) Bay et Chateau Porto Bello

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Very rare double-sided map sheet featuring a trio of plans of important Spanish American ports: Havana (Cuba), Portobello (Panama) and Cartagena (Colombia), published by Pierre Mortier in 1702, during the War of Spanish Succession. This rare map...


1702 - La Terre Ferme Et Le Perous avec Le Pays Des Amazones Et Le Bresil Dans L'Amerique Meridionale . . . 1702

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Striking old color example of Der Fer's map of the northern part of South America, from his Atlas Curieux. The map extends south to include Rio Ianeyro (Rio De Janeiro). A number of annotations on the indigenous people of the interior and other features.


1702 - Les Isles Britanniques ou sont le Rme. d'Angleterre tire de Sped celuy d'Ecosse tire de Th. Pont &c. et celuy d'Irlande tire de Petti Le tout rectifie par diverses Observations . . . 1702

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Nice example of De L'Isle's map of the British Isles, bearing the scarce imprint of "Quai de Horloge a l'Aigle d'Or." (the Golden Eagle). The source for the map are John Speed (England & Wales), Timothy Pont (Scotland) and William Petty...


1702 - Regnum Borussiae Gloriosis auspicijs Serenissimi e Potentissimi Princip Friderici III. Primi Borussiae Regis March et. Elect. Brandenburg inaugartum die 18 Jan A. 1701 . . .

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Fine map of Bohemia, celebrating the inauguration of Fredrick I as King of Prussia on January 1, 1713. Gorgeous map of the Baltic region, from Memel to Pomerania, extending south to Poland. Centered on Dantzig, Konigsberg, Heilsperg, etc. Magnificent...


1702 - Carte Particuliere Du Seraglio et Des Environs De Mantoue Depuis Goito jusques a Gouvernolo ou sont Marquees les Camps. de Rivalta et de Madone de la gratie Commandee par Son Altesse Monseigneur de Vandome en 1702

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Rare map of the area around Mantua, published by Gaspar Bailleul in Paris. The map would seem to relate to the Battle of Luzzara, a battle of the War of the Spanish Succession, which was fought on August 15, 1702 near Luzzara, Italy. In the summer of...


1702 - L'Isle et Royaume de Sicile saisant partie de la Monarchie d'Espagne en Italie. Dressee sur les Memoires du R.P. Thomas Fazello et autres bons Auteures du Pays . . . 1702

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Early edition of Nolin's rare large format map of Sicily. Nolin's map is dedicated to Filipo V. The basic configuration and place names follow the map of Giacomo Cantelli. A later edition, with lengthy text annotation in the upper left corner,...


1702 - Le Duche de Mantoue Avec Ses Environs Tire D'Antoni Magini Park J.B. Liebaux . . . 1702

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Extremely rare separately issued map of the Duche of Mantua, published in Paris by Liebaux. Includes exceptional detail and fine full original wash coloring.



1702 - Isle et Royaume De Sicile . . . 1702

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Detailed map of Sicily, showing towns, roads, rivers, harbors and a host of other details. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux . . .


1702 - Les Isles Philippines et celles Des Larrons ou de Marianes Les Isles Moluquest et de La Sonde, avec, La Presqu'isle De L'Inde De La Gange ou Orientale . . . 1702

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Striking map of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, showing excellent detail throughout. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux. Nice wide margins and decorative cartouche.