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1706 - Amerika of de Nieuwe Weerld Aller Eerst Door C Kolumbus . . . 1492

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Decorative map of America, illustrating the voyage of Christopher Columbus to then New World in 1492. Includes and incomplete Great Lakes, unknown Northwest Coast of America, highly inaccurate mapping of the Mississippi River, the 7 Cities of Cibola...


1706 - De Koninkryken van Guzaratte Cambaya en Mogol Tot aen Bengale en Pegu . . .

  • $9.99

Detailed regional map of the mouth of the Ganges and neighboring regions in the Bay of Bengal, illustrating the narrative of Nino da Cunha. Includes decorative cartouche and vignette. The map offered here was used by Vander Aa to illustrate a Dutch...


1706 - F. Draakx Schip-Vaart door de Straat en Zuyd Zee gedaan om de gantsen Aard Kloot

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Striking world map illustrating Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe. The map shows Drake's route from London through the Straits of Magellan, up to the northern part of the Island of California, across through the Ladrones and the...


1706 - H Benzos Scheep-togt nit Italie over Sanje nade Westindize Eylanden en Kusten vant Zuider America

  • $14.99

Detailed map of the Atlantic and contiguous coastlines, which was prepared to illustrate the Dutch Account of Girolamo Benzoni's voyage to America in 1541. Benzoni (born Milan ca 1519) travelled to America in 1541, visiting the Caribbean, Isthmus of...


1706 - 'T Amerikaans Gewest van Florida Door Ferdinand De Soto . . .

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Fascinating map of the Southeastern part of the future United States, based largely upon Sanson's map of Florida from 1657. The map is intended to illustrate the expedition of Ferdinand de Soto in 1534, based upon his original accounts. Fine...


1706 - Zee en Land togten der Franszen Geaan na,en in't Americaans Gewest van Florida, aller-eerst door Joh. Pontius ontdekt

  • $14.99

Nice example of Vander Aa's decorative map of the Carolinas, illustrating the travel and discoveries of Ponce De Leon. The map is based upon the earlier Hondius-Mercator map of the same region, with a few later influences. There is no waterfall into...


1706 - 'T Zuider America van Terra Firma en Gujana Voor by Rio de la Plata, tot aan de Straat Magellaan en Kusten togen de Zuid-Zee

  • $14.99

Detailed regional map of South America, illustrating the voyage of Ulrich Schmidt von Straubingen to the Rio La Plata, detailing the Spanish conquests in the region from 1534 to 1554. This work was not translated into Dutch until Vander Aa and was not...


1706 - [Total Eclipse of 1706] Eclipseos Solis Totalis cum mora, d: 12 Maji 1706, horis antem: in Europa celebratae, Geographica Repraesentatio, in qua Centralis Umbrae Tractus ac reliquae Magnitudines suis locis cometentes, ex Illustrium Virorum observationibu

  • $14.99

Mapping The Total Eclipse of 1706 Extremely rare Doppelmayer Eclipse map, overprinted on Homann's rare map of the Christian dominions of Europe (Europa Christiani Orbis Domina in sua Imperia, Regna, et Status exacte divisa . . . ). The map depicts...


1706 - Novissima Prae Caeteris aliis Accuratissima Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae Tabula . . . 1706

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Finely colored example of this rare edition of Schenk's map of the British Isles, on double thick paper. The present example is Shirley's state 2, with the date, which is rarely seen on the market, especially in such exceptional condition.


1706 - Frisiae Dominium vernacule Friesland . . . 1706

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Antique Map of Friesland, in the Netherlands Fine old color example of this rare edition of Schenk's map of the Friesland, on double thick paper. Detailed map of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, the northeast provinces of the Netherlands, with...


1706 - Circuli Franconiae Pars Oreintalis et Potior Novissime delineata . . .

  • $14.99

Striking regional map centered on Nuremberg and Bamberg. Extends from the Donau in the South (showing Regensberg, Ingolstatt and Nordlingen) to Eger, Hoff and Amberg in the East and Wurtzberg in the west. Large decorative cartouche w/coat of arms. A...


1706 - La Russie Rouge ou Polonoise, qui Comprend les Provinces de la Russie Rouge, de Volhynie, et de Podolie, divisées en leur Palatinats; Vulgairement Connües Sous le Nom d'Ukraine ou Pays des Cosaques.

  • $14.99

Very rare Sanson map of Ukraine and so-called Russie Rouge, stretching from Lublin in the west to Kherson Oblast in the east (here called "Confin de La Petite Tartarie"). "Russie Rouge" or Red Ruthenia or Red Rus' is a term dating back to the Middle...


1706 - Carte De Tartarie dressee sur les Relations . . . 1706

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Nice example of this detailed map of Tartary, consisting of the Eastern part of Russia, Central Asia, China and Korea, first published by Nicholas De L'Isle in 1706. The map extends from the Peninsula of Korea in the east to the Caspian and Black...


1706 - Le Royaume D'Arragon . . . 1706

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Detailed map of Aragon, with a coat of arms in the title. The map is centered on Zaragoza and shows the Kingdom in fine detail.


1706 - L. Rouwolfs Reys-Togten, door de Levant, of Oosterse Landschappen der Middellandse Zee [shows Cyprus]

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Interesting map of the Mediterranean region, showing Leendert Rouwolf's route from France to Tripoli. Includes decorative cartouche.


1706 - Dania Regnum, Ducatus Holsatia et Slesvicum Insulae Danicae et Provinciae Iutia Scania et. . . . 1706

  • $14.99

Nice old color example of Pieter Schenk's map of Denmark and surrounding regions, from an early 18th Century composite atlas.