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1707 - Les Cotes de la Virginie, les Detroits de Forbisher et de Hudson (Shows discovery of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard)

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Detailed map of Northeastern America and the Atlantic, illustrating the route from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, published to illustrate the voyage of Bartholemew Gosnold, who is generally credited with the discovery of Cape Cod and Martha's...


1707 - d'Engelze Volkplanting in Virginie door Iohan Smith Bezogt en verder uytgeset [John Smith Map of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc.]

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Scarce map of the region from the Chesapeake to Long Island, intended to illustrate the Dutch Translation of Smith's Account of Virginia. The map is loosely based upon John Smith's map, extending from the Chesapeake to Long Island, and including a...


1707 - De Voor Eylanden Van America Tegens de Vaste Kusten van Florida, Mexico, Nieuw Spanje, Caragena, iucatan, en Darien Met de Grenzen aande Zuyd Zee Gelegen

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Detailed regional map of Florida and the Caribbean, used by Vander Aa to illustrate a Dutch translation of the narrative of one of Columbus' Voyages to the New World. Shows Central America and the Caribbean in full, with small parts of South America...


1707 - 'T Noorder Deel Van Amerika Door C. Kolumbus in zyn Eerste Togt Ontdekt en dessefs Kusten en Voor-Eylanden Een en andermaal bevaaren (Island of California)

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Decorative map of North America, which appeared in the Dutch translation of the Narrative of Columbus' first voyage to the New World. The map shows California as an Island, highly inaccurate Mississippi River and open Great Lakes, with no sign of the...


1707 - Theatrum Bellicum Novum, Sive Delineatio Plerorumque in Flandria Locorum, Seisque Belli . . . 1707

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Detailed map of Southern Belgium and Northwestern France, extending from Gend and Veurne in the north to Arras, Arleux and Maubeuge in the south, centered on Lille.


1707 - Civitas Leucorum sive Pagus Tullensis aujourdhui Le Diocese De Toul . . . 1707

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Highly detailed map of the Diocese of Toul, published in Paris by Guillaume De L'Isle. The map is centered on the cities of Nancy and Toul and including Metz, Verdun, S. Dizier, Nas, Neuchataeu, Mircourt, Remiremont, Pagi, etc. Shows towns, castles,...


1707 - Holsatiae Tabula Generalis in qua sunt Ducatus Holsatiae Ditmarsiae Stormarie et Wagriae . . . 1707

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Nice old color example of Peter Schenk's map of Northwestern Germany. Major cities shown include Hamburg, Lubeck, Oldesloh, Kiell and Bremen.


1707 - Reys-Weg uit Brabant door Vrankeryk, Spanje en Portugaal, nad Afrikaanse Kust van Barbarye Tot aan Fez en Marocco . . .

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Detailed map of Spain, France and the Western Mediterranean. Francis Brooks was an Englishman who was enslaved by the Moors at the end of the 17th Century. After his escape, he wrote a narrative of his captivity, which detailed the practices of the...


1707 - La Biscaye Divisee en ses 4 Principales Parties et La Navarre en ses Merindades . . . 1707

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Large detailed map of the Basque region of Spain. The map extends from the San Sebastian Region to Santander in Cantabria and south to Pamplona, etc. The map is centered on Bilbao and Vitoria along the coastline and extending south to Burgos. Two...


1707 - Principaute Des Asturies . . . 1707

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Rare map of the Asturias, published in Paris by Nicholas De Fer. Includes a coats of arms in the title cartouche. Includes excellent detail. The map is apparently quite rare on the market. No examples listed on AMPR at auction or in dealer catalogues...


1707 - Les Royaumes De Valence et de Murcie . . . (with large inset of Le Royaume de Maillorque compose Des Isles Maillorque Minorque et Ivica)

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Detailed map of Valencia and Murcia, with a large decorative inset of the Balearic Islands. Includes 2 coats of arms in the title cartouche. Includes excellent detail, including the inset of the Balearic islands, which shows many place names and a...


1707 - Kaart van Tartaryen Vogens de Voyagien door Johan du Plan Carpin en Acelin Inde Iaaren 1246, 1247 ens.

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Detailed map of the region from the Caspian to Cathay, illustrating the earliest two Catholic Embassies to the courts of the Mongol Rulers. Giovanni da Pian del Carpine was one of the first Europeans to enter the Court of the Great Khan of the Mongol...


1707 - De Land-Reyse, door Benedictus Goes, van Lahor gedaan, door Tartaryen na China

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Interesting map showing the region of northeastern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Assam and Bangladesh. At center is the imaginary Chiamaeus Lacus with four huge rivers flowing south into Bangladesh and Burma. Decorated with a pictorial title cartouche of a...


1707 - Carte De L'Egypte De La Nubie De L'Abissinie . . . 1707

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Nice example of Guillaume De L'Isle's highly detailed map of the region between the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and the Horn of Africa, centered on the Red Sea. The map extends west to include Sicily, the Southeastern Mediterranean Coastline of Africa....


1707 - Carte de la Barbarie le la Nigritie et de la Guinée Par Guillaume De L'Isle

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Detailed map of Northwestern Africa, published by Guillaume De L'Isle, the French Royal Mapmaker. Extends from the Kingdom of Tripoli and the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Guinea and the Gabon River, with remarkable detail throughout. Includes the...