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1708 - Neu-vermehrte Welperische Gnomonica Oder Gründlicher Unterricht und Beschreibung...

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Eberhard Welper's famous work on the construction of sundials, extensively illustrated with engraved plates, including a rare map of the world "Allgemeine Landes- und Uhr-Tafel". Welper's work was first published in 1625, with two new parts published...


1708 - Haemisphaerii Borealis Coeli et Terrae Sphaeri Cascenographia

  • $14.99

Nice example of this finely executed map of the Northern Sky, illustrating the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere superimposed over the Pacific Ocean, first published by Andreas Cellarius in 1660. The map provides a fantastic image of the...


1708 - Haemisphaerium Stellatum Australe Cum Aequali Sphaerarum Proportione

  • $14.99

Decorative example of this finely executed map of the Southwestern Sky, illustrating the constellations of the Southwestern Hemisphere superimposed over a southwestern orientation of the Earth Hemisphere, first published by Andreas Cellarius in 1660....


1708 - A Map of Mexico or New Spain, Florida now called Louisiana and Part of California &c. By H. Moll Geographer

  • $14.99

Antique map of the southern half of North America, from the Island of California to Florida by London's most famous cartographer of the early 18th Century. The map shows remarkable detail for a map of its size, including very nice detail in modern-day...


1708 - A New Map of North America. According to the Newest Observations [California as an Island]

  • $14.99

Handsome example of Moll's miniature map of North America. California is shown as an Island. The map features a curious depiction of the Florida coastline. The Mississippi is west of its correct location, with a rudimentary illustration of its major...


1708 - The Island of St. Christopher [and Antigua] [and] Part of ye Islands of America &c.

  • $14.99

Excellent English map of St. Christophers (St. Kitts), Antigua and a regional map of the Islands by Herman Moll, one of the leading English mapmakers of the early 18th Century.


1708 - L'Amerique Meridionale Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences . . . . 1708

  • $14.99

Decorative detailed map of South America, published in Amsterdam by Peter Schenk. The map is based upon the work of Guillaume De L'Isle, a French mapmaker to the King of France who was the most important and influential mapmaker of the early 18th...


1708 - A Plan of London, Westmr. and Southwark wth ye Rivr Thames as they were survey’d and publish’t by Authority toward ye latter end of ye Reign of Queen Elizabeth; or about ye year of our Lord 1600 . . .

  • $14.99

Fine full color example of the Edward Hatton edition of Braun & Hogenberg's view of London, first published in 1572. Hatton's view is based upon Braun & Hogenberg's 16th Century plan of the city, with a new title added in English.


1708 - Le Royaume De Galice . . . 1708

  • $14.99

Scarce map of Galicia, published by Nicolas de Fer in Paris. De Fer's map is marvelously engraved in the style unique to De Fer, with excellent emphasis on the topographical details of Galicia, especially the depiction of the mountains in the region....


1708 - Vue de la Ville du Grand Caire, et de ses Environs

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Antique engraved view of Cairo, with several supporting vignettes, from the famous Atlas Historique of Henri Chatelain, published in Amsterdam in between 1705 and 1720. The views near the River Nile are filled with palms and boats.


1708 - Carte Du Congo Et Du Pays Des Cafres . . . 1708

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De L’Isle’s Fine Map of Southern Africa Striking example of De L'Isle's impressive map of South Africa and Madagascar, showing De L’Isle’s characteristic precision and attention to detail. Stretching from Congo in the north to what is now...


1708 - Typus Selenographicus Lunae Phases Et Aspectus Various Adumbrans . . .

  • $14.99

Striking celestial chart, showing the selenographic phases of the moon, from Cellarius' Harmonia Macrocosmica seu Atlas Universalis et Novus. Andreas Cellarius Harmonia Macrocosmica (first published in 1660) is generally regarded as one of the most...