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1710 - Profil de la ville de Riga, Capitale de la province de Livonie . . .

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This is an attractive antique view of Riga from across the Duna, showing the skyline of the city with many ships stationed in the river. Seven features of interest are marked, including St. Peter's Cathedral, Riga Castle, and Riga Cathedral. The...


1710 - Plan de la Ville et Citadelle De Mantou Capitale du Duche du Meme nom situe au millieu d'un Lac forme par la Riviere de Mencio . . .

  • $9.99

Rare plan of Mantua, published by Gaspar Bailleul in Paris. The map shows the internal fortifications of the island city of Mantua, with bridges, roads, etc. The map is quite scarce, with no appearance on the market in the past 25 years.


1710 - Nova Italiae Descriptio In Regna Respublicas et Status . . .

  • $14.99

Fine dark impression of Covens & Mortier's map of Italy, Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily, based upon the work of De L'Isle. Highly detailed throughout, showing towns, rivers, mountains, lakes, islands, roads, boundaries, etc.


1710 - Novissima & exactissima Totius Regni Neapolis Tabula Praesentis Belli Statui Accommodata Et Exhibita . . .

  • $14.99

Striking example of Homann's map of the Kingdom of Naples. Includes a spectacular decorative cartouche with sea monsters, cherubs and flying horses, and a second cartouche with Mt. Vesuvius erupting.


1710 - Bosphore de Thrace. Vue De Constantinople Due Cote Du Bosphore [with] Aqueduc De Constantinople [with] Colomne De Pompee

  • $14.99

Finely engraved and beautifully colored plate showing views of Constantinople, the aqueduct of Constantinople, and the Pompee Column. The map appeared in Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique, published in Paris.


1710 - [Views of Constantinople] Etat Abrege de la Maison du Grand Seigneur,

  • $14.99

Decorative views of Constaninople, from Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1710 - Vue De Stockholm / Palais du Roy du Suede / Vue du Chateau D'Yacobdal

  • $14.99

Decorative view of Stockholm, etc. from Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique.


1710 - A Large Draught of the North Part of China. Shewing all the Passages and Channells into the Harbour of Chusan . .

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Rare early English sea chart of China's Zhejiang Province, which appeared in an early edition of the The English Pilot: Third Book. The map shows the area around Zhoushan, including Ningbo, Hangzhou and the area just to the south of Shanghai. This...


1710 - Les Isles Philippines Molucques et de La Sonde [Japan inset]

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Detailed map of part of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, with a large inset of Japan.


1710 - Insulae Indicae Cum Terris Circumvicinis

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Striking example of Scherer's map of Southeast Asia and the Northern part of Australia. Nova Guinea is still tenatively attached to Nova Hollandia. The coastline shows Van Arnham's Land, Van Der Lin, C. Diemen and C. Van Diemen's Land. A narrow strait...


1710 - La Baie de Manille, Selon les Observations les plus recentes . . .

  • $14.99

Rare Variant / Manilla Rarity! Rare early map of Manilla Bay, which appeared in Vander Aa's La galerie agréable du monde. The map is oriented with southwest at the top and includes a small town plan for Manilla and other places. Soundings are also...


1710 - Description Des Piramides D'Egypte Tant Au Dedans Qu'au Dehors De Leur Grandeur . . . [Sphinx & Pyramids

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Interesting view showing 5 views of the pyramids and an image of the Sphinx. This view appeared in Henri Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique.


1710 - Globe Terrestre Globe Celeste

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Decorative engraving of a pair of globes, one celestial, one terrestrial, engraved for Jacques Chiquet's Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et Historique. The Globes are surrounded by scientific models showing various perspectives on the...