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1711 - Africa Antiqua et Nova

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Rare Luneberg edition of this 17th Century map of Africa, which appeared in a German edition of Cluverius' Introductionis in Universam Geographicam.


1711 - Sphaera Armillaris Copernicana [Rare Broadside of the Leiden Sphere]

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Fine broadside illustrating the so-called "Leiden Sphere," engraved by Pieter Vander Aa, in Leiden. The Leiden Sphere, a mechanical armillary sphere or orrery, was built around 1670 by the clockmaker Steven Tracy, for the mayor of Rotterdam. It is...


1711 - La Ville Et Le Port De Constantinople

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Rare view of Constantinople, extending from St. Demitre to Chateau De Sept Tours and Scutari to Fanarikiosk. The present example is credited to Le Blond and is very rare.


1711 - A Large Draught from Benjar on the Island of Borneo To Macasser on the Island of Celebes Shewing the Streight of Bally with the Islands to the Eastward thereof . . . .

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Rare early example of this working English sea chart of part of Indondesia, extending from the northwest corner of Borneo near Banjarmasin, to Java and Bali in the outhwest, "t Land van Floris" in the southeast, and Celebes in the northeast. The chart...


1711 - A New and Correct Chart of Part of the Island of Java From the West End to Batavi with the Streights of Sunda

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the coast of Western Java and the southern tip of Sumatra, published by John Thornton. The map includes details along the coast that suggest the firsthand surveying that went into its production. Soundings are given from...


1711 - Aegyptus et Cyrene

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Detailed ancient map of the region between the Gulf of Lybia and the Red Sea, with marvelous detail along the Mediterranean Coastline and the Nile. Includes many ancient placenames throughout. From the Atlas geographus, edited by J. Nicholson, London...


1711 - A Draught of the Cape of Bona Esperanca

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Rare 1711 edition of John Thornton's engraved chart of the Cape of Good Hope, published posthumously by his brother, Samuel Thornton. The bottom image comprises a sea cart from Table Bay to False Bay with superimposed coastal profiles. Above that is...