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1714 - Orbis Veteribus Noti Tabula Nova . . . Septemb. MD CC XIV

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Detailed map of the Eastern Hemisphere, published in 1714 by De L'Isle. The map shows an incomplete Australian Coastline and early cartographic details in the Southern part of the hemisphere.


1714 - Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Arctiques . . . 1714

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First Edition of De L’Isle’s Influential Map of the Northern Hemisphere Fine example of the first state of De L’Isle’s polar projection, focused on the Arctic. This map would become the prototype for a number of other eighteenth-century maps...


1714 - La Nouvelle Espagne

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Rare map of central and western Mexico, published by Vander Aa. Mexico City is located on the banks of a large lake, and numerous gold and silver mines are scattered across the map. This map is from a revised copper plate originally engraved by Pieter...


1714 - The Plan of Edenburgh Exactly done From the Original of ye famous D: Wit

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Rare Decorative Plan and View of Edinburgh Dedicated to George Lockhart esq. Rare town plan, bird's-eye view and prospect of Edinburgh, engraved by the Scots mapmaker Andrew Johnston, and first published in 1714. The map first appeared in the...


1714 - Nouvelle Carte Des Etats Du Grand Duc De Moscovie En Europe Partie Sertentrionale

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Striking regional map of the northern parts of European Russia. The map appeared in Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1714 - Carte De La Partie Meridionale du Royaume de Suede avec une Table des Provinces et des Villes Principales [including Baltic Sea, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania]

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Detailed map of the Southern part of Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea and contiguous parts of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1714 - Carte De La Partie Septentrionale du Royaume de Suede avec une Table des Provinces et des Villes Principales

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Detailed map of the Northern part of Scandinavia. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1714 - Royaume du Grand Mogol avec tous les Pays qui en dependent, suivant les Relations des plus fideles Voyagueurs nouvellement donne au Public . . .

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Scarce Dutch Edition of William Baffin's Map of India Fine dark impression of the Pierre Vander Aa edition of William Baffin's map of India, which is widely regarded as the first English map of India and the single most influential map of India...


1714 - Le Detroit de Malacca, Dressee sur les memoires des plus savans Voyageurs modernes . . .

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Finely executed map of the Straits of Singapore and the Straits of Malacca, which appeared in Pierre Vander Aa's monumental La Galerie agreable du Monde . . ., published in Leiden. The map shows Sumatra from Tanjong Goeree to Pulau Singkep and P. Lada...


1714 - De Kusten van Guinea door een Brandeburgs Edelman, met twee vorstelyke Fregatten bezogt int Jaar 1682

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Sriking map of western Africa based upon the 1682 desciptions of Otho Frederic vander Greuben. Includes nice detail along the coast and in the interior, 4 ships (one capsized) and other decorative features.


1714 - Hemisphere Meridional pour voir plus distinctement Les Terres Australes . . . 1714

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First edition of De L'Isle's important map of the Southern Hemisphere, first published in 1714. De L'Isle's map is an important early map of the South Polar regions, which would become the standard base map for French and Dutch map makers for much of...