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1718 - Aegyptus Antiqua In suas Partes et Nomos divisa cum Troglodytice Marmarica et Aethiopia supra Aegyptum . . .

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Egypt, embellished with a cartouche illustrating 11 early Egyptian Coins. Provides a fine image of Egypt and the Red Sea, extending south the Astaboras River.


1718 - Facies Poli Antarctici ex recentissimis itinerariis descripta . . .

  • $14.99

Interesting and nearly completely conjectural map of the South Pole from Davide Kohler's Descriptio Orbis Antiqui…published by Weigel in 1720. The map shows the prevailing belief in a massive southern hemisphere, which extended to just south of the...


1718 - Zodiacus Stellatus Fixas Omnes Hactenus Cognitas, Ad Quas Lunae Appulsus Ullibi Terrarum Telescopio Poterunt, Complexus.

  • $29.99

Edmund Halley's Controversial Star Chart, Drawn From the Observations of John Flamsteed Nice example of this important early 2 sheet chart of the Zodiac, first published by John Senex in London in 1718. John Senex was one of the first English...