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1719 - Carte Tres Curieuse De La Mer Du Sud Contenant Des Remarques Nouvelles Et Tres Utiles Non Seulement Sur Les Ports et Isles de Cette Mer, Mais aussy sur les principaux Pays de l'Amerique tant Septentrionale que Meridionale, Avec les Noms & la Route des Voy

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Exceptional Full Hand-Colored Example. Beautifully hand-colored four-sheet map centered on America and showing the various trade and exploration routes in the Pacific and Atlantic. Chatelain's "very curious map" is one of the most spectacular...


1719 - A New Map of America From the latest Observations . . .

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Nice example of John Senex's decorative map of America. Senex's map is curious for several reasons. First, unlike most maps of the period, Senex adds a conjectural Northwest Coastline, which includes a number of islands and several lakes, including...


1719 - Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique en Deux Plans-Hemispheres, ou Sont Exactement Remarquees en General Toutes Les Parties De La Terre et de L'Eau, Suivant les Relations Les Plus Nouvelles . . . 1719

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Fine Double-Hemisphere World Map—Jaillot’s Final World Map Fine example of Hubert Jaillot's final double hemisphere map of the world, first published in 1695. This is the later state of the map; the primary difference between this and the early...


1719 - Mappe-Monde pour connoitre les progres & les conquestes les plus Remarquables des Provinces-Unies, Ainsy que celles des Compagnies d'Orient et d'Occident. Et les Pais quelles possedent dans l'un et dans l'autre Hemisphere

  • $14.99

Decorative double hemisphere map of the World, intended to illustrate the successes of the Dutch East India and Dutch West India Companies throughout the world. Shows an incomplete Australia and New Zealand, along with California as an Island and a...


1719 - Mapmonde ou Description Genrale Du Globe Terrestre (Australia connected to Antarctica)

  • $14.99

An Unusual Treatment of Australia and the Unknown Southern Continent Decorative world map, showing California as an island, the tracks of several explorers around the world and Celestial images of the sun Kircher and the moon by Cassini. The map...


1719 - A New & Correct Map of the Whole World Shewing ye Situation of its Principal Parts. . . With the most Remarkable Tracks of the Bold Attempts which have been made to find out the North East & Northwest Passages. . . . 1719

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Early 18th Century English Wall Map of the World Striking example of Herman Moll's extraordinary 4-sheet map of the World on Mercator's projection, showing the routes of the explorers who had sailed in search of the Northwest and Northeast Passages....


1719 - Carte De La Nouvelle France, ou se voit le cours des Grandes Rivieres de. S. Laurens & de Mississipi . . . Floride . . . Louisiane. . . Virginie . . . Marie-Lande . . . Nouvelle Yorck . . . Nouv. Angleterre . . .

  • $14.99

Fine full color example of Henri Chatelain's map of the inhabited parts of North America, based upon Nicholas De Fer's landmark 4 sheet map published in 1718. At the top left of the map is large scale map of the Mississippi Delta and Mobile Bay, based...


1719 - [British Colonies in North America] Carte Qui Contient Une Description Des Iles & Terres Que Les Anglois . . .[Chesapeake, Carolinas, New England, Bermuda, Gulf Coast, Jamaica, Barbadoes & Canada]

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Highly sought after group of maps from Chatelain's 7 Volume Atlas Historique. Includes 8 maps, each of which would be highly coveted as a separate map. The maps include 1) a map of the Carolinas, 2) a map of the Chesapeake, 3) Canada and New England,...


1719 - A New Map of Virginia Mary=Land And The Improved Parts of Penn=sylvania & New Jersey Most humbly Inscribed to the Right Hon.ble the Earl of Orkney &c….1719

  • $14.99

John Senex's edition of the Augustine Hermann Map of the Chesapeake. An antique map of the Chesapeake Bay from John Senex's edition of Christopher Browne's seminal map. Includes the Delaware Bay, Maryland and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey,...


1719 - To The Right Honorable John Lord Sommers . . . This Map of North America According To Ye Newest and Most Exact Observations . . .

  • $14.99

Herman Moll's Celebrated "Codfish Map" of North America, One of the Earliest Large-Format Maps of North America Printed in England Highly decorative, large-format map of North America and the West Indies popularly known as the "codfish map" thanks to...


1719 - Amerique Meridionale divisee en ses Principales Parties . . .

  • $14.99

Fine Map of South America by Jaillot Handsome large-format map of South America. This is a revised state of Jaillot’s map of the continent, which was originally based on the earlier maps of Nicholas Sanson. Jaillot’s map is well-framed, showing...


1719 - Le Perou Dans L'Amerique Meridionale Dressee Sur les Divers Relations de Flibustiers et Nouveaux Voyageurs . . . 1719

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Fine example of De Fer's map of Peru and contiguous parts of the Andes and Upper Amazon River Basin. The striking large format map is the result of some of the most up to date cartographic information coming back to Europe from the Jesuit...


1719 - Carte Particuliere Du Perou, Plan De La Ville De Lima .....

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Detailed plan of Lima and regional map of Peru, published in Henri Chatelain's 7 volume Atlas Historique. The sheet also includes two views showing indigenous flora and fauna and the manner of living of the Spanish women in Peru.


1719 - Nouvelle Carte Du Gouvernement Civil D'Angleterre Et de Celuy De La Ville De Londres [London Town Plan, etc]

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Striking plan of London, with map of England and two large allegorical views. A finely engraved map from Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique, one of the most famous and prolific works of the early 18th Century.


1719 - Carte Du Gouvernement Militaire D'Angleterre Ou L'On Represente L'Etat Des Officiers De Guerre Et Celui Des Forces De Terre Et De Mer

  • $14.99

Decorative map of the British Isles with idyllic scenes showing councils of the various military officers of the British Isles. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.


1719 - Carte Du Gouvernement Ecclesiastique D'Angleterre: Lordre De Cette Assemblee, Accomagne De Trophees A la Gloire Des Savans . . .

  • $14.99

Fascinating series of scenes, which include scenes from both Cambridge and Oxford and nearly 20 different coats of arms, along with portraits of great scholars. Very decorative. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.